September 24, 2017

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Think Beyond Oil And Gold: Interview With Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock

The San Ardo Oil Field in California from the Coast Starlight. (Photo by Loco Steve, Creative Commons License)

No one really knows where oil will be around Christmas. While we may have already seen the bottom, stock prices are not the bargain they were. Read More »

Tracking Seafood From Bait to Plate

(Photo Ben Brown, Creative Commons License)

By asking for U.S.-caught or raised fish, Americans can support sustainable fishing practices; avoid the possibility of inadvertently supporting slavery; eliminate the risk of illegal additives; and help fishermen recoup some of the revenue they would otherwise lose to illegal and unsustainable competitors abroad. Read More »

The Mercury Level in Your Tuna is Getting Higher

Wild albacore tuna at Steveston Fish Market in Richmond. (Photo by roaming-the-planet, Creative Commons License)

An analysis of mercury levels in fish shows that mercury levels in yellowfin, or ahi, tuna are rising and the likely cause is air pollution. Read More »

Washington Wakes Up to Ebola Threat

Sierra Leone is being identified as epicenter of  Ebola epidemic. (Photo by   European Commission DG, Creative Commons License)

despite drawing tens of millions of dollars in government funding, Ebola research has dragged on for years, and the handful of biotechnology firms that are developing vaccines and treatments for the hemorrhagic fever were caught unawares by the epidemic. Read More »

Why is There GRAS in My Food?

(Photo by  xxrobot, Creative Commons License)

Are the additives in our food safe? The government doesn’t know, either. If you follow environmental science and policy (or just dip a toe in every once in a while), you’re bound to encounter obscure terms and wonky jargon. OnEarth is here to explain them to you, in this new feature called The Jargonaut. Read More »

Five Takeaways from Advice on Eating Fish

(Photo by Captain Tenneal, Creative Commons License)

Some interesting facts why pregnant women should eat fish, not too much, and only certain kinds. The U.S. government says the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks. It recommends that pregnant women eat two to three servings a week. The same goes for small children, though their portions should obviously coincide with their age and size. Read More »