December 16, 2017

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With Comey Gone, How Can Congress Investigate Russia

Research on more than 50 government investigations reveals how partisanship can get in the way of finding answers we all agree on. Read More »

Uzair ‘The Smoking Gun’

If criminals continue functioning in the name of justice, Pakistan is at risk of becoming a criminal state. Read More »

Your Devices Can Spy on Your Every Move

Bad guys or law enforcement could hack into our networked gadgets to spy on everything we do – and it's not clear how a laptop's video camera or an Amazon Echo fits within wiretapping laws. Read More »

Major Spike in Hate Crimes Against American Muslims

America's largest Muslim civil rights group reports "unprecedented" backlash and discrimination targeting the nation's Muslim minority since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Read More »

Three Charged with Attempt to Provide Material Support to ISIL

Three men of Central Asian descent have been arrested in New York on the charges of conspiracy to provide material support to the ISIL terrorist group. Read More »

Americans Rushed to Purchase Guns on Black Friday

There are nine guns for every 10 Americans, yet this Black Friday saw people thronging gun shops in large numbers. The FBI processed three background checks for gun purchases every second on Friday. But, the system is far from perfect, as some states don’t feed enough real-time information into the criminal background check system, allowing individuals with troubled mental health histories or criminal records to pass checks and purchase weapons. Read More »