December 10, 2017

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Europe and the Middle East Are Both on the Verge of Unraveling

From Catalonia to Kurdistan, long simmering regions are clamoring for their own states. But what good is being a state anymore? Read More »

Asia And The Threat to Global Economic Security

While it is true that US engagement in Asia was never going to be secured or defined by the TPP but by broader US economic and political interests, those longstanding US interests in Asia are now also being tested by President Trump. Read More »

Is Spain About to Break Up?

Spain's Catalonia region votes for independence this fall. For some, it's a referendum on austerity policies that have crippled economies all over Europe. Read More »

Russia in Libya: War or Peace?

Europe must use its diplomatic leverage to ensure that increased Russian involvement does not come at the cost of further destabilization on Europe’s southern border. Read More »

Europe: Lessons for the Left

The parties of the European Left have still to establish clear positions on the nativist vs internationalist debate that defines contemporary politics. Read More »

Pakistan: Copycats and Fragging

Pakistan has the largest number of banned terrorist organizations in the world. How do they still manage to remain active under new names? This could not be possible without political patronage! While terrorist violence has abated, the stated anti-terror policy must be implemented in full and in all sincerity to ensure Pakistan’s future. Read More »

Why Europe Will Let Member States Opt out of GM Crops

Why are half of European Union members opting out of GMO crops? Hint: it's not about food and environmental safety. Read More »

Why Do American Cops Kill So Many Compared to European Cops?

American police kill 100 times more civilians than Finnish police. Racism and gun control are just part of the problem. Read More »

Facing up to the Long-term Fiscal Challenges

The great recession left nearly all advanced economies with substantially higher debt-to-GDP ratios and in many cases with lingering economic weakness that further complicates short-term efforts at fiscal consolidation. But the longer-term challenges the Western economies face are in many cases related to the future fiscal challenge of growing primary deficits. Read More »

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Lessons from Turkey

The refugee crisis that just arrived in Europe has been affecting Turkey for more than four years. Read More »