November 25, 2017

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Trump Slams Brakes on Obama’s Climate Plan

Badly looking for a political win that would both fulfill some campaign promises to his political base and satisfy the demands of rank-and-file Republicans in Congress, President Trump on March 28 signed an expansive Energy Independence and Economic Growth Executive Order.   The executive order signals a sharp shift in federal climate change rules, standards and work procedures. This was ... Read More »

The Shale Delusion: Why the Party’s Over for U.S. Tight Oil

For the next year or so, tight oil wells will not be commercial except in the best parts of the best plays. Until market fundamentals of supply and demand come into balance, prices will remain low. Clearly for now, the party is over for tight oil. Read More »

David V. Goliath: Small-Cap Tech To Save Giant Coal

The first-generation mercury emission technological solutions missed the mark. Their activated carbon filtration technology was too expensive, using up to $5-$6 million per energy generating unit (EGU) per year. Overall, this brand new multi-billion sector is poised for overnight gains, with analysts predicting that the industry will outperform the S&P broader market substantially. Read More »

The Mercury Level in Your Tuna is Getting Higher

An analysis of mercury levels in fish shows that mercury levels in yellowfin, or ahi, tuna are rising and the likely cause is air pollution. Read More »

Mitigating Natural Gas Use in the US Electricity Sector

By acting decisively to implement ambitious renewable energy and energy-efficiency programs, states can help ensure that the United States does not overcommit to natural gas and that it continues on a path toward decarbonization of the economy. Read More »

What’s the Toxic Level of Mercury in Your Diet?

A new study raises more alarm about mercury contamination in the ocean. What does that mean for your fish consumption? Read More »

Australia, Japan’s ‘Domino Approach’ to Regional Integration

Australia’s regional integration strategy has adjusted itself well to trade environment — in which big economies, each with different rules and ambitions, struggle with each other for trade advantages. In the negotiation game, the United States has, in effect, become Australia’s proxy negotiator, as US–Japan negotiations will always benefit Australian beef and dairy products. Read More »

Five Takeaways from Advice on Eating Fish

Some interesting facts why pregnant women should eat fish, not too much, and only certain kinds. The U.S. government says the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks. It recommends that pregnant women eat two to three servings a week. The same goes for small children, though their portions should obviously coincide with their age and size. Read More »

Will EPA’s Climate Protection Rules Hurt US Economy?

Some of America’s most powerful business interest groups are opposing the Obama Administration’s landmark climate protection rules, claiming these will hurt the economy. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy warns that the new rules could cost the economy as much as $50 billion per year. Read More »

Facts About EPA’s Climate Protection Proposal

The polluters that profit from the status quo want to establish a simple narrative—that the carbon pollution reductions from power plants meant to slow climate change will cost jobs, raise electricity rates, and cause blackouts. These companies began a messaging campaign long ago equating carbon reduction to inevitable electricity rate hikes, yet many of them plan to raise rates anyway. Read More »