November 23, 2017

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Immigration Activists React to End of DACA

Many immigration advocacy groups oppose the Trump administration's announcement to terminate the DACA program, calling it "un-American". Read More »

DAPA’s Economic Benefits and Electoral Implications

DAPA provides tremendous benefits to both American communities and the country as a whole through the substantial fiscal and economic contributions resulting from its implementation. Political opposition and support of DAPA is also important to large and growing demographics and key voters. Read More »

The High Costs of Delaying Executive Action on Immigration

Apart from the economic losses in the coming years if the immigration directives are not allowed to proceed, there are real human costs to maintaining the status quo. Both the economic and human costs have the same root cause: These immigrants have long been an integral part of U.S. communities. Read More »

Immigration: 5 Facts About Legal Challenges to Executive Action

Recent lawsuits that challenge executive action on immigration are unlikely to proceed. They miss the legal rationale for the action and ignore the large economic benefits it could bring. Read More »

Obama Doubles Down on Immigration Commitment, But…

Nationwide, immigration advocates have been unrelenting in making the President aware of the human cost of his decision to delay executive action, even launching a campaign to collect stories, photos, videos, graphics, and other artifacts to use in a “Deporter-in-Chief” exhibit that they are petitioning to add to the Obama Presidential Library and Museum. Read More »

14 American Faith Leaders to Watch in 2014

Last year was an exciting time for faith-based movements for social justice, with religious leaders and organizations making headlines for spearheading robust local and national campaigns around issues such as gun violence, economic inequality, and immigration, among many others. The efforts of faith-based advocates were formidable, calling thousands of people across the country to action and attracting the attention of President Barack Obama. From fasts ... Read More »

Why Citizenship is Better for America Than Legal Status

Less than 24 hours after House Republicans released a “principles” document that outlines a piecemeal approach to immigration reform, undocumented immigrants have been cautiously optimistic about the prospects of living in America legally and without the threat of deportation. The document specifically provides an opportunity to apply for legal residence and citizenship for undocumented youths brought to the country as children. It also ... Read More »