January 19, 2018

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How Republican Missteps Turned Alabama Blue

It began with a sex scandal. How else? Read More »

Passage Through Divided America

The hard-core Republican establishment is worried sick about a possible political disaster in November 2016. Could Trump possibly be a “Goldwater” moment for the Republican Party? Read More »

The Path to 270 in 2016

Both the structural demographic changes and geographic patterns of support in the electorate suggest slight advantages for Democrats in 2016. In no way, however, do these factors preclude Republicans from taking the right steps to amass a national majority and Electoral College victory. Read More »

Obama: The Fairy-Tale President?

Obama's made a lot of Faustian bargains over the last seven years. But given his likely successors, what we got over the last two terms may be as good as it gets. Read More »

2014’s Midterm Was Most Expensive, With Fewer Donors

A key theme of 2014 election spending was the shift away from an ever-broadening base of financial support toward reliance on fewer donors who gave more. Read More »

The State of the Union 2015 – Theater, Traditions, Politics

More than just an annual address to Congress, the State of the Union is essential to framing the political debate. Read More »

5 Facts to Know About Obama’s Immigration Action

Using his legal authority, President Obama brings temporary relief to millions of immigrants through executive action. The president’s move is a first step but not a permanent solution. Read More »

9 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Administrative Relief

President Obama will announce his administrative relief plan for the undocumented immigrants. Here is how those looking for relief should prepare. Read More »

5 Issues The Lame Duck Congress Can Resolve

Now that the midterms are over, the next tough pill to swallow are the next two months of watching and waiting to see what comes out of the 2014 lame duck Congress. These 5 areas will show how far the Republicans can reach across the aisle in the Democrats’ final two months in control of the U.S. Senate. Read More »

The Political Consequences of the Great Recession

American politics has entered a long phase of electoral volatility and divided government, with Republicans holding distinct advantages in mobilizing their coalition in many statewide and local contests and Democrats having a seemingly firm grip on presidential politics. The longer-term demographic and geographic shifts that are rapidly changing American society have yet to coalesce into clear partisan majorities across multiple levels of government. Read More »