July 28, 2017

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More Work Needed to Increase DACA Applications from AAPIs

(Photo by Steve Rhodes, Creative Commons License)

The unauthorized Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the US is large and diverse, and it is imperative that these immigrants’ stories, struggles, and aspirations are met with concern and resources. Read More »

DAPA’s Economic Benefits and Electoral Implications

There are 3.7 million individuals who would benefit from DAPA. (Photo by  allison_dc, Creative Commons License)

DAPA provides tremendous benefits to both American communities and the country as a whole through the substantial fiscal and economic contributions resulting from its implementation. Political opposition and support of DAPA is also important to large and growing demographics and key voters. Read More »

Lawsuit’s Dismissal to Impact DHS Immigration Policies

A rally in support of immigration reforms in Washington DC. (Photo by Victoria Pickering, Creative Commons License)

The recent 5th Circuit Court decision in a case that challenged the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has important, positive implications for the government’s defense of the pending challenges to the Obama administration’s 2014 immigration policies. Read More »

70 Mayors Announce Legal Action for Immigration Reforms

Mayor Bill de Blasio at the 83rd winter meeting of the US Conference of Mayors.

More than 70 cities and counties sign Texas vs. United States appeal urging immediate implementation of President Obama’s immigration executive action. Read More »

The High Costs of Delaying Executive Action on Immigration

(PHoto via SEIU, CC license)

Apart from the economic losses in the coming years if the immigration directives are not allowed to proceed, there are real human costs to maintaining the status quo. Both the economic and human costs have the same root cause: These immigrants have long been an integral part of U.S. communities. Read More »

NYC Immigrants Respond to Delay in Immigration Relief

Steven Choi, executive director of NYIC opens the press conference and rally. Behind him, dozens of affected immigrants and advocates stand united against the Federal Judge's temporary delay of immigration relief.  (Photo by New York Immigration Coalition)

Immigrants, elected officials, advocates, legal service providers, and faith and labor organizations gather in New York City in a show of unity against the Federal Judge Hanen’s decision to temporarily delay immigration relief. Read More »

Coming Out of the Shadows

(Photo by Nicola Romagna, Creative Commons License)

Why nearly half of the estimated 1.2 million young adults eligible for DACA haven’t sought deportation relief? Read More »

Friends Like These

By largely letting hardliners dictate its immigration policy, the GOP is alienating Latino voters. (Photo Victoria Pickering, Creative Commons License)

GOP presidential hopefuls are cozying up to anti-immigrant extremists and right-wing billionaires. Read More »

Dreamers Need Not Apply for Health Care

(Photo by Jobs with Justice, Creative Commons License)

Why are hundreds of thousands of young immigrants shut out of affordable health insurance? Read More »

Immigration Groups Join Hands to Help the Undocumented

Left to Right: Jorge Montalvo, director of NYS Office of New Americans; Steven Choi, executive director of NYIC; Assemblymember Marcos Crespo; Izaskun Pineda, representative of the Consulate General of Mexico; Neena Dutta, chair of the New York Chapter of AILA; Grace Shim, executive director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action; Theo Oshiro, deputy director of Make the Road NY; Jennifer Friedman, director of Pace Community Law Practice; Patrick Young, director of CARECEN.  (Photo via NYIC)

A consortium of government officials, community and immigration advocates is formed to help the undocumented immigrants take advantage of President Obama's administrative relief. Read More »