September 19, 2017

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Trump’s Address to Congress: Expert Reaction

(Photo via video stream)

Three scholars grade Trump's first address to Congress. How did he do on Obamacare? What would his 'merit-based' immigration proposal mean? And can he play nice with others. Read More »

Thousands of Americans Could Face Hunger

(Photo by Tasha, Creative Commons License)

Policymakers must take action to preserve access to nutrition assistance. Read More »

Setting the Right Course in the Next Budget Agreement

(Photo by Kool Cats Photography, Creative Commons License)

While the economy is steadily improving, this recovery has done little or nothing for the household budgets of many middle-class and low-income Americans. This dynamic is dramatically illustrated by data compiled by economist Emmanuel Saez, which show that the top 1 percent of Americans reaped 58 percent of all income gains from 2009 to 2014. Meanwhile, median wages have been stagnant ... Read More »

Understanding American Women’s Leadership Gap

Juliette Gordon Low (October 31, 1860 – January 17, 1927) was an American youth leader and the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912. (Photo by David, Creative Commons License)

Women have outnumbered men on college campuses since 1988. They have earned at least one-third of law degrees since 1980 and accounted for fully one-third of medical school students by 1990. Yet they have not moved up to positions of prominence and power in America at anywhere near the rate that should have followed. Read More »

Four Ways 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for the Internet

Banners in support of a free internet outside the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City on Oct 28, 2014, before a hearing on the right to connect and communicate. (Photo by Vanissa W. Chan/ACD Media via Free Press, Creative Commons License)

At stake is whether the Internet remains a democratic, user-powered network. Read More »

Midterm Elections: US Politics Still Thrives on Fear

(Photo by Joe Shlabotnik, Creative Commons License)

Voting is almost over in the US’s 2014 midterm elections, with pollsters predicting a good night for Republicans. Read More »

How Spending Cuts Increase Waste

(Photo by Scott Jones, Creative Commons License)

Across-the-board spending cuts may have reduced short-term budget deficits, but they also slowed economic growth and job creation while undermining long-term investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation. Some cuts, however, not only damaged the economy, but also targeted sectors of the federal budget devoted to preventing wasteful spending or ensuring that the government collects revenues efficiently and fairly. Read More »

Democratic Lawmakers Lead in Personal Contributions

(Photo by Refracted Moments, Creative Commons License)

While politicians are naturally more apt to give out of their own pockets than the average wealthy American, it’s important not to overstate the sums of money involved. Members of Congress focus their donations on party committees and candidates in roughly equal measure, targeting 40 percent of their contributions to the former and 38 percent to the latter. Read More »

Stalled at the Starting Line

(Photo by Justin Valas, Creative Commons License)

Not all undocumented immigrants want or are able to serve in the armed forces. They still deserve a chance to get right with the law, pay fines and back taxes, and become citizens. But young immigrants who are willing to put their lives on the line for our country should be allowed to do so. It’s time to pass the ENLIST Act, then move ahead with immigration reform. Read More »

Fasting to End Silence from Congress on Immigration

(Photo by Fast Families, Creative Commons License)

“My deportation date is April 18,” I overheard a woman say next to me in the large white tent where we were both fasting. Due to a simple miscommunication with her lawyer, Lupita received a deportation order that now threatens to send her back to a country she has not visited in more than 20 years.   She has three ... Read More »