November 21, 2017

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Does Iran’s Chabahar Matter?

To utilize CPEC projects to the advantage of Pakistan in a geo-politically loaded environment, Pakistani leaders will need to pull up their socks. Read More »

Allies or Antagonists

Is the Pakistan-US relationship strained and checkered because of the frustrations in Afghanistan, or is it a façade for something else? Read More »

Pakistan: CPEC Security Challenges

Some countries consider China Pakistan Economic Corridor a strategic threat to their military and economic interests and pervasive influence in the region. Read More »

What Does the Iran Nuclear Deal Mean for South Asia?

The Iran nuclear deal has unveiled new dynamics for South Asia and the Middle East with fundamental implications for the regional balance of power as well as India and Pakistan’s engagement with Iran. Read More »

Iran’s Chabahar Port and the Strategic Turf Wars

Iran’s Chabahar port is challenging the significance of Pakistan’s Gwadar deep sea port. The project is strategically important particularly for India due to its land access to Afghanistan and Central Asia which is otherwise blocked by the territory of Pakistan. Read More »

Withdrawal Symptoms in Afghanistan: An Indian View

Many fear that after the U.S. withdrawal, the Taliban will take over southern parts of the country with growing terrorism and insecurity threatening a weak government in Kabul. Read More »