September 25, 2017

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Can a Divided Europe Handle the Refugee Crisis?

Syrian expressing theirappreciation for the kind Austrian welcome. (Photo by Josh Zakary, Creative Commons License)

Deaths at sea and a chaotic refugee influx reflect the failure of European Union leaders to settle on a common immigration policy, one of Italy’s top elected officials tells ProPublica. Read More »

Europe’s Coming Battle

An anti-Muslim protest of Pegida movement in Berlin on January 12, 2015. (Photo by greeny thekid, Creative Commons License)

Forget the false frame of the West versus Islam. It’s not historically or conceptually accurate, and the two are basically on the same side against the crimes of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The real battle is over the soul of Europe. And the far right is rallying like it’s 1099. Read More »

‘Spring Cleaning’ in Balkans Politics

(Via Google maps)

Politics in the Balkans witnessed some “spring cleaning” from its extreme north to the south. One government collapsed, a new one emerged and a new president was elected. However, no new leaders have surfaced from the electoral dust, but some of the old are promoting dynamism and new ideas. Judging solely through personal observation, one can imagine that the “odious” times of communism have not yet passed. Read More »

European Jihadists in Syria

(Photo by  by FreedomHouse, Creative Commons License)

(Photo by FreedomHouse, Creative Commons License) Several Balkan mothers burst into tears at the beginning of 2014 after being told their sons were killed fighting in Syria on the side of various Islamist militias. Mirza Ganic (19) from the Serbian province of Sandzak, who used the pseudonym “Abu Shehid,” was among the last that became a real “shehid” (martyr). The ... Read More »