November 23, 2017

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What Does Trump Mean for Asia?

Governments in Asia and elsewhere would do well to focus actively on ways to mitigate the uncertain and potentially dangerous results of erratic or irresponsible US international behavior as early as possible, advises one analyst. Read More »

Food Security: Asia’s Critical Balancing Act

The sustainability of Asia’s food production systems is being questioned in a world with intensive agriculture. Current agricultural production and distribution already leaves hundreds of millions of people hungry in the world, while growth in agricultural production under a business-as-usual model will likely contribute to the planet approaching or even surpassing its safe operating space in terms of biodiversity, climate change and the nitrogen cycle. Read More »

Asian Century Must Begin with Great-power Accommodation

Leadership is ineluctably a zero-sum game. It is much more likely that a stable and collaborative new leadership order in Asia will only emerge if political leaders are willing to work hard and make real sacrifices to create it. As a first step, both the US and China would need to recognize and acknowledge the need for mutual accommodation. Read More »

Redefining Japan’s Asia Diplomacy

Japan, along with the rest of Asia, must seize anew the opportunity to join in shaping the future of the regional architecture. During the lost decades, Japan’s Achilles heel was its inability to see the bigger picture. Japan must now ‘think big’ and engage multilaterally for the Asian regional order. Read More »

India as the Pivot in Asia

If there is anything to be learnt from the history of India’s Second World War, it is that India’s ability to be a pivotal power in Asia is contingent on the restoration of the strategic and economic unity of the subcontinent. Decades on, this remains a project worth pursuing. Read More »

Asia’s Shifting Economic and Military Power

China is seeking to “redraw Asia’s geopolitical map” through the Twenty-First Century Maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt projects. What looked like two Asias with quite different dynamics now looks more like one complex Asia, in which economic as well as military power is being used within a competitive logic between states. Read More »

Asia and the Curse of Islamophobia

Political leaders in Asia may help to check the conflation of Islam with violence and radicalization if they join in common cause with a plurality of states against radical violence and in favor of religious tolerance and mutual respect. Read More »

The Mixed Blessing of Asia’s Growing Middle Class

A growing middle class in Asia can mean more people lifted out of poverty and leading comfortable and productive lives. It can also mean more social inequality, more pollution, more congestion, and more loss of natural capital and public goods. Read More »

Asia’s Growing Ties with Latin America

Asia needs commodities for its dynamic global factory and Latin America has abundant natural resources. Asia needs food for its large population and Latin America has fertile agricultural land. One of the new drivers for business confidence is the spread of free trade agreements (FTAs) between the two regions. Read More »

Asiaphoria or Asiaphobia?

The rise of Asia might be better conceived as the re-emergence of a world in which population size and economic size are closely linked. The global diffusion of technology, and institutions, has given poor but populous countries an opportunity to catch up. Read More »