September 19, 2017

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Asia And The Threat to Global Economic Security

Port Klang is a town and the main gateway by sea into Malaysia. (Photo by Behan, CC license)

While it is true that US engagement in Asia was never going to be secured or defined by the TPP but by broader US economic and political interests, those longstanding US interests in Asia are now also being tested by President Trump. Read More »

Is ASEAN a Newfound Voice for the Rohingya?

A meeting of Rohingya Muslim leaders and their supporters at a January panel. (Photo via

Myanmar has long valued ASEAN for the protection it provides not only from the wider international community but also its fellow members. But the unwillingness of Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya issue has pushed ASEAN members towards new forms of protest. This failure is already a tragedy, but for ASEAN it might become a disaster. Read More »

What Does Trump Mean for Asia?

ASEAN nations flags. (Photo by Prachatai, CC license)

Governments in Asia and elsewhere would do well to focus actively on ways to mitigate the uncertain and potentially dangerous results of erratic or irresponsible US international behavior as early as possible, advises one analyst. Read More »

US Reaching Out to ASEAN Nations

Baird co-chairs the ASEAN-Canada Post Ministerial Conference. (Photo by GAC | AMC, Creative Commons License)

ASEAN needs to balance the United States and China. The United States has come late in acknowledging the geo-strategic significance of the organization. Southeast Asian leaders have already had 18 summits with China and 17 with Japan. Read More »

What Happens if China’s Economy Has a Hard Landing?

Shanghai skyline. China's booming economy has accelerated the pace of development in cities across the country. (Photo by Wilson Hui, Creative Commons License)

If China does experience a hard landing, it will take years to correct the underlying structural causes and restore China’s economic reputation. Read More »

What does the Greek crisis mean for the AEC?

Plenary debate on Greece with PM Alexis Tsipras. (Photo by European Parliament, Creative Commons License)

ASEAN economic cooperation has a good deal to teach Europe in terms of focusing on ‘best practices’ rather than just national treatment and emphasising ‘open regionalism’ rather than just ‘intra-regionalism’. It would be a grave mistake for ASEAN to follow the European example in the monetary realm before its time. Read More »

Is Indonesia Trapped in the Middle?

The container port in Surabaya is divided into import and export areas. Many Indonesian export goods like coffee are starting their journey around the world in this East Javan port. (Photo by BBC World Service, Creative Commons License)

Indonesia has only recently graduated to middle-income status. And while moderately strong economic growth means that is not in any sense ‘trapped’, it will have to overcome the problems holding back its growth as it moves up through the middle-income ranks. Read More »

The Next Step for the US-Japan Alliance

Japan and the US would be wise to complement their security cooperation. (Photo by  U.S. Pacific Command, Creative Commons License)

Recent successes in bolstering US-Japan security cooperation are important for the alliance to meet post–Cold War challenges. However, the US and Japan need to take a multifaceted approach in order to steer the evolving regional order in a positive and inclusive direction. Read More »

Book Review: Cambodia’s Remarkable Journey

Hun Sen is ranked as the region’s longest-serving prime minister. (Photo by Monika Flueckiger via World Economic Forum, Creative Commons License)

Amazingly, Cambodia's transition out of rule by the Khmer Rouge, its long civil war, and its descent into electoral authoritarianism have all been guided by one man. A new book looks at his legacy. Read More »

Asia’s Growing Ties with Latin America

Trade between the two regions has more than doubled over the past decade, reaching a historic high of over US$500 billion dollars in 2014. (Photo by Barbara Eckstein, Creative Commons License)

Asia needs commodities for its dynamic global factory and Latin America has abundant natural resources. Asia needs food for its large population and Latin America has fertile agricultural land. One of the new drivers for business confidence is the spread of free trade agreements (FTAs) between the two regions. Read More »