August 21, 2017

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Europe: Lessons for the Left

A graffiti of British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo by duncan c, CC license)

The parties of the European Left have still to establish clear positions on the nativist vs internationalist debate that defines contemporary politics. Read More »

Public Faith in Angela Merkel at All-time Low

Angela Merkel has acted as a lightning rod for criticism. (Photo by, Creative Commons License)

For the pollsters it's clear: for the first time ever, a majority of Germans are now critical of Angela Merkel. Read More »

Europe and Muslims

Central Mosque Trust at Regent's Park in London. Chris Goldberg

Far-right parties in European countries are increasing their share of votes and becoming more influential in the decision-making processes. Read More »

The Origins of Russia’s New Conflict with the West

NATO headquarters in Brussels. (Photo by European Parliament, Creative Commons License)

Neither Russia nor the West expected such a deep – and for now irreparable – crisis in their relations. The West responded to the annexation of Crimea and to Russia’s egregious violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty with economic sanctions. Putin’s abrupt policy moves, aggravated by the sanctions, precipitated Russia’s economic and social decline. But the West has been unable to make ... Read More »

German Politics Finds its Immigrant Flavor

Chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected for the third time in Sept.22 elections.

Germany left behind a federal election on Sept. 22. Approximately 44 million German citizens out of 62 million voters went to the ballot box, and re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel for the third time. The election was surprising to many as the Christian Democrats gained an unprecedented victory, the Greens and the Left party lost votes, and the Free Democrats failed to win seats in ... Read More »