November 23, 2017

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Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Only Weakens the U.S.

The White House's new Muslim ban does nothing to protect us. Rather than pursuing a global, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda policy that harms the United States’ reputation at home and abroad, the White House would be better served by recognizing the many contributions of immigrants to both our economy and our communities. Read More »

President Obama is Right to Visit Baltimore Mosque

President Obama is right to visit this mosque, and this decision demonstrates his resolve to reject the scapegoating of minority groups and to highlight the strength of American pluralism and tolerance. Read More »

Major Spike in Hate Crimes Against American Muslims

America's largest Muslim civil rights group reports "unprecedented" backlash and discrimination targeting the nation's Muslim minority since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Read More »

A Warmer Embrace of Muslims Could Stop Homegrown Terrorism

Many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it. Read More »

Fear, Inc. 2.0

The Islamophobia network has launched a variety of attacks on the American Muslim community during the past several years, but there has been a rise in religious and interfaith groups pushing back against Islamophobia, says a new report by Center for American Progress. Read More »

Using Art to Improve American Muslims’ Image

One New York City college has launched an innovative initiative -- Beyond Sacred: Unthinking Muslim Identity -- to improve the Muslim community's image by using theater. Read More »

NYPD Dismantles Unit Surveilling Muslims

New York City Police Department has dismantled a unit that mapped Muslim community in and around New York City as part of its controversial surveillance program.   Under the program, NYPD’s Demographics Unit would send plainclothes officers into mosques, restaurants, and neighborhoods to gather information on people’s daily activities. NYPD officers, stationed in cars outside of mosques, have taken pictures and ... Read More »