April 30, 2017

Terrorism in Nice and France’s Troubled Colonial Legacy

A view of a vigil for the victims of Nice terrorism attack in Nice. (Photo via video stream)

Nice is an elegant and striking city, set against the azure Mediterranean. But there is history and politics behind the waving palms. Read More »

Sir Chilcot Iraq Inquiry and Fraudulent Geopolitical Wars

(Photo via video stream)

Following on the heels of Brexit the Chilcot Report — also called by some a “devastating catalogue of lies and mistakes” — will likely generate long-term consequences for Nato’s thus far consensual security architecture. Read More »

Meet Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister

Theresa May. (Photo by Policy Exchange, Creative Commons License)

After the party leadership contest came to an abrupt end, the home secretary is to become the country's second woman leader. Read More »

Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election

Bittersweet result of the coalition led by Pablo Iglesias in elections in Spain. (Photo Adolfo Lujan, Creative Commons License)

The 2016 vote may have been a disappointment to Spain's insurgent progressives. But they've proven they're here to stay. Read More »

Brexit: Europe’s New Nationalism is Here to Stay

(Photo by Paul Lloyd, Creative Commons License)

The UK may be the first country to leave the EU but it may not be the last. All across the continent, euro skepticism is offering a new outlet for old feelings. Read More »

Kyrgyzstan’s Self-Defeating Conflict With Moderate Islam

(Photo by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Creative Commons License)

The state’s clash with a well-respected Muslim leader will only encourage true radicalization in the country. Read More »

US-China Maritime Disputes: Too Close for Comfort

Sunset on the South China Sea. (Photo by Times Asi, Creative Commons License)

Tensions are ratcheting up between China and the United States over maritime boundaries in Asia. Read More »

A Failed State in Latin America?

Sunrise on Vereda del Lago and Eagle Austin Ship in Maracaibo lake, Venezuela. (Photyo by Wilfredorrh, Creative Commons License)

There's still hope for the "pink tide" that swept aside Latin America's right-wing dictators. But in Venezuela, Chavismo is on its last legs. Read More »

A Very Brazilian Coup

(Photo by Alexandra Martins, Creative Commons License)

Brazil's elites can't win an election, but they can engineer an impeachment. Read More »

Israel, Saudi Arabia New Middle East’s Strange Bedfellows

Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal and retired Israeli Major General Yaakov Amidror together at a Washington event hosted by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. (Photo: Youtube/FPIF)

Israel and Saudi Arabia are burying the hatchet. For at least 10 reasons, that's not such a good idea. Read More »