April 30, 2017

East Asia: A Farewell to Arms

(Photo by Truthout.org, Creative Commons License)

With climate change upon us, it's time to bury the hatchet in one of the world's most volatile regions. Read More »

What Arab Partners Will Get in Return for Syria Strikes

Syria map

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Jordan are all on board against Islamic State. What’s in it for them? Read More »

Why Thailand Must Decentralize

Bangkok's Democracy Monument has remained scene of pro-democracy protests. (Photo by Ratchaprasong, Creative Commons License)

Significant decentralization is not included in the Thai military government’s understanding of ‘reform’. The policy package being proposed apparently contains no such measures. It may be too much to hope that a group of command-and-control generals could implement a decentralization of power, even if they wanted to. They are doing the opposite. Read More »

Great British Break Off Averted But What Next?

(Photo by Lawrence OP, Creative Commons License)

As further power is likely to be devolved from Westminster in the wake of Scotland’s independence vote, the one-sided nature of the current system becomes yet more pronounced. Read More »

How Hard Times Are Healing Bosnia

Although their public officials remain mired in empty sectarianism, ordinary Bosnians have increasingly crossed ethnic lines in anti-government protests and flooding relief efforts. (Photo: European Commission DG ECHO, Creative Commons License)

Amid rising anti-government sentiment and a series of natural disasters, Bosnia-Herzegovina's fractured ethnic communities are drawing strength from an unlikely source: each other. Read More »

Ecuador: Amazon’s Green Turns Dark Back

A view of Ecuadorian Amazon. (Photo by Dallas Krentzel, Creative Commons License)

One of the most interesting features of Ecuador is that it was the first country in the world to codify the Rights of Nature. Ecuador recognized the inalienable rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish in 2008, but the road that led the country to this recognition was not without obstacles. Read More »

Scottish Referendum May Push English Politics to the Right

(Photo by Scottish government, Creative Commons License)

Whether Yes or No, the Scottish referendum could see British parties exploiting nationalist feelings in rest of UK. Read More »

A Forgotten Crisis at the Heart of Africa

Central African refugees take shelter in an abandoned plane at the country’s airport, which has become a sprawling refugee camp. (Photo: UN Photo Unit / Flickr)

Though it scarcely makes headlines, the Central African Republic's vicious civil war has created a sickening humanitarian crisis. Read More »

If Yes Wins, What Happens Next in Scotland?

(Photo Phyllis Buchanan, Creative Commons License)

Suddenly, it looks like the swing might be happening. So what would actually happen if Scots vote for independence? Read More »

ISIS and Dilemma of Sunni Arab States

(Google map)

The reason why Sunni Gulf States support the IS is its strong opposition to the Shiites. It is not just Iran, which is 90 percent Shiite, that the Gulf Arabs believe to be a threat, but the Shiite population in their own countries. But the Saudis recently seem to have realized that their support of the IS and jihadism has resulted in the “chickens coming home to roost.” Read More »