August 17, 2017

Libyan Reaction: Social Experiments


  Some guys from Tripoli lunched an experiment called Libyan Reaction. “Videos for social experiments and pranks to see how Libyans will react!,” reads a short description of initiative launched on the Facebook. The Facebook is getting significant attention. So far it has received more than 32,000 likes. It’s interesting to watch Libyan reaction towards some circumstances they face in the streets everyday ... Read More »

The Great Shaking Out of the ‘New Middle East’

(Image by Cathy Stanley-Erickson, Creative Commons License)

The “great shakeout” taking place in the Middle East is a state shakeout by conservative states with conservative ideologies. Iran is not an outlier in this company. Certainly rivalry and competition are better than the wars, ethnic cleansing, flight, killing, rape, malnutrition and barbarism of the past five years. Read More »

What’s Behind Chinese’ Africa Influx?

Chinese construction machinery being moved to a construction site in Angola. (Photo via video stream)

Are the estimated one million or so Chinese nationals who live and work on the African continent a neo-colonialist scourge that matches, if not outstrips, the one that preceded it? Or are they flying solo? Read More »

Iran to Get Chinese J-10 Fighter Jets in Return for Oil Rights


Iran is set to receive the advanced J-10 fighter jets from China without paying a dollar by signing a contract to allow Beijing exploit its largest oilfield for the next 20 years. Read More »

The Next Step for the US-Japan Alliance

Japan and the US would be wise to complement their security cooperation. (Photo by  U.S. Pacific Command, Creative Commons License)

Recent successes in bolstering US-Japan security cooperation are important for the alliance to meet post–Cold War challenges. However, the US and Japan need to take a multifaceted approach in order to steer the evolving regional order in a positive and inclusive direction. Read More »

The Survival of Turkish Democracy

Erdoğan and his close associates failed to analyze the effects of wealth and economic factors on democratic survival. (Photo by Michael Fleshman, Creative Commons License)

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu seems to have understood the message given by the Turkish nation after the national election, and he is doing his best to form a coalition government; however, President Erdoğan is doing everything to prevent a coalition. Read More »

Obama’s Good African Story to Tell

President Barack Obama addressing at the African Union  headquarters.

President Barack Obama historic address at the African Union headquarters on Tuesday was every bit as rousing as he intended it to be – inspiring yet cutting, easy-going yet contemporary. No bluster. Just Obama being Obamaesque. Read More »

Libya: Why Federalist Movement Emerged in Cyrenaica?


Unless a constitutional settlement is reached between Libya's warring regions in the coming months, the country risks division into three independent countries, fears one Benghazi-based blogger. Read More »

Empowering Kurdistan

A girl in the crowds at an HDP meeting calling for peace, justice and reconciliation, Istanbul, May 2015. (Photo by Julia Buzaud, Creative Commons License)

What made a Kurdish victory possible in Turkey’s recent elections – and what does the future hold? Read More »

Iran Nuclear Deal: Beginning of Peace Marathon?

Official photo of the "Iran Deal". EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini attends with foreign ministers at the UN headquarter, the venue of the nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria on July 14, 2015. (Photo by European External Action Service, Creative Commons License)

International diplomacy has witnessed yet another astonishing event – this time around with the seven-nation accord on Iranian nuclear ambitions announced on July 14. Read More »