June 29, 2017

The Next Step for the US-Japan Alliance

Japan and the US would be wise to complement their security cooperation. (Photo by  U.S. Pacific Command, Creative Commons License)

Recent successes in bolstering US-Japan security cooperation are important for the alliance to meet post–Cold War challenges. However, the US and Japan need to take a multifaceted approach in order to steer the evolving regional order in a positive and inclusive direction. Read More »

The Survival of Turkish Democracy

Erdoğan and his close associates failed to analyze the effects of wealth and economic factors on democratic survival. (Photo by Michael Fleshman, Creative Commons License)

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu seems to have understood the message given by the Turkish nation after the national election, and he is doing his best to form a coalition government; however, President Erdoğan is doing everything to prevent a coalition. Read More »

Obama’s Good African Story to Tell

President Barack Obama addressing at the African Union  headquarters.

President Barack Obama historic address at the African Union headquarters on Tuesday was every bit as rousing as he intended it to be – inspiring yet cutting, easy-going yet contemporary. No bluster. Just Obama being Obamaesque. Read More »

Libya: Why Federalist Movement Emerged in Cyrenaica?


Unless a constitutional settlement is reached between Libya's warring regions in the coming months, the country risks division into three independent countries, fears one Benghazi-based blogger. Read More »

Empowering Kurdistan

A girl in the crowds at an HDP meeting calling for peace, justice and reconciliation, Istanbul, May 2015. (Photo by Julia Buzaud, Creative Commons License)

What made a Kurdish victory possible in Turkey’s recent elections – and what does the future hold? Read More »

Iran Nuclear Deal: Beginning of Peace Marathon?

Official photo of the "Iran Deal". EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini attends with foreign ministers at the UN headquarter, the venue of the nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria on July 14, 2015. (Photo by European External Action Service, Creative Commons License)

International diplomacy has witnessed yet another astonishing event – this time around with the seven-nation accord on Iranian nuclear ambitions announced on July 14. Read More »

Greece and its ‘Eurogeddon’

(Photo by desbyrnephotos, Creative Commons License)

Despite the European Commission’s pronouncement of a Grexit scenario having been in place, this seems unlikely. In all likelihood it will be the euro that will suffer more and possibly fall apart if Greece exits in one way or another. Read More »

Armenia: Approaching the Precipice

Armenians protest against increase in electricity prices. (Photo by HyeMedia)

Armenia is now approaching a precipice, with an increasingly stubborn government unwilling or unable to offer any concessions set against an ever more resolute group of empowered and enthusiastic youth activists. Thus, there seems to be no clear way out of this stalemate, as each side finds it more difficult to back down from its demands. Read More »

Saudi Arabia is Simmering at Home?

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud receives governors of regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the occasion of their 22nd annual meeting. (Photo courtesy SPA)

To hear Saudi leaders tell it, the kingdom is under constant threat from Iran. But graver threats of their own making lurk at home. Opinion-makers in Saudi Arabia itself have a different narrative about the growing instability in the region. Here is what they argue. Read More »

Ghostly Bulgaria

A stop sign and an empty bus stop at the Bulgarian village of Raykova mogila near the Turkish border. (Photo by Hristo Rusev, via New Internationalist)

Tales of poverty, depopulation and despair in the Balkan nation’s border regions with Turkey. Marked by steady unemployment and lack of hope, thousands of Bulgarians have fled their native places in search of a better life deeper in the country or abroad. This exodus has left a trail of destruction. Read More »