October 21, 2017

Guatemala’s Civil Society Just Did the Impossible

Guatemalans banded together to depose a corrupt administration with dark connections to human rights violations. But another election looms, and the candidates don't inspire confidence. Read More »

European Countries Edge Towards War on Terror

For the first time, a European country has used military force to carry out the premeditated killing of a specific individual outside the context of regular hostilities. Apart from the issue of whether targeted strikes are an effective or wise policy against terrorism, the UK’s latest move raises huge legal questions. Read More »

How Extreme Energy Leads to Extreme Politics

Authorities in Argentina and beyond are cracking down on indigenous communities that protest resource extraction — while re-writing laws to promote fossil fuels. Read More »

Politics, not elections, will change Singapore

It's highly unlikely that the 2015 Singapore election will bring any major change. It is more likely that politics will transform in the longer term. And this change will most likely come from within the ruling party, rather than from the weak opposition or emasculated civil society. Read More »

Can Turkey Compete with Iran in the Caucasus?

In the era now unfolding, Iran possesses the ability to turn Turkey's relatively passive stance in the Caucasus into an advantage for itself. Of course, it is possible that Iran's uneven image in the region, and its unstable relations with regional countries, could get in the way of a rapid rise in power for Tehran here. Read More »

No Exit? Gaza and Israel Between the Wars

Whatever options Hamas and Israel choose will not resolve the underlying conflict. But allowing Gazans to export goods, tax themselves and freely exit and enter the territory would at least offer Israelis and Palestinians the possibility of less bloodshed, while other possibilities, including unblocking the diplomatic impasse, are explored. Read More »

High School Students Shaking Up Taiwan’s Politics

Taiwan's political press is calling a student textbook protest the country's next Sunflower Movement — "High School Edition." Read More »

The Silent Spread of Terror in Mali

Despite some notable counterinsurgency successes, Mali remains highly unstable, with extremist attacks taking place since the beginning of the year beyond the usual theater of operations in the country’s northern areas, threatening its neighbors. Read More »

Why Libyans Really Miss Gaddafi Days?

Why some Libyans have started missing the years of Muammar Gaddafi’s authoritarian rule, just four years after the dictator was toppled? The answer is simple — lack of security. But one analyst believes that today’s Libya is the outcome of Gaddafi’s misrule. Read More »

Libyan Reaction: Social Experiments

  Some guys from Tripoli lunched an experiment called Libyan Reaction. “Videos for social experiments and pranks to see how Libyans will react!,” reads a short description of initiative launched on the Facebook. The Facebook is getting significant attention. So far it has received more than 32,000 likes. It’s interesting to watch Libyan reaction towards some circumstances they face in the streets everyday ... Read More »