September 23, 2017

Are catastrophic disasters striking more often?

Hurricane Irma 7 September 2017 as seen by MODIS on board Terra satellite. (Photo by Antti Lipponen, CC license)

Saturated media coverage of hurricanes like Harvey and Irma can make it seem like disasters happen all the time. Is the frequency of billion-dollar disasters really rising? Read More »

How Congress Can Make DACA Even Better

All eyes will be on the US Capitol building in Washington DC that houses US Congress for possible immigration reforms. (ViewsWeek photo)

Congress has an opportunity to build on DACA's success. An immigration expert explains how. Read More »

Immigration Activists React to End of DACA

(Photo by Susan Melkisethian, CC license)

Many immigration advocacy groups oppose the Trump administration's announcement to terminate the DACA program, calling it "un-American". Read More »

Will Uber Get its Acts Together?

(Photo by Aaron Parecki, CC license)

Despite having fallen on what should be a gold mine, Uber has been navigating from one degrading headline to the next these days. Read More »

DACA Recipients’ Gains Continue to Grow

(Photo by Susan Melkisethian, CC license)

According to the largest study to-date, DACA recipients continue to play a critical role in the American economy, gaining higher wages, buying cars and houses, and starting businesses benefiting the entire nation. Read More »

Pakistan: The LNG Scam

(Photo via Engro Pakistan)

Pakistani government's decision to import LNG from Qatar at exorbitant rates and extraordinarily generous LNG terminal contract to a leading business group smack of a major corruption scandal that needs an independent investigation. Read More »

Floods Catch Bangladesh Unprepared

This year the monsoon flood has inundated most of the parts of the country. (Photo by Zobaidur Rahman, CC license)

Bangladesh, lauded for disaster preparedness, reels as dozens of deaths occur in “non-flood prone” areas. Read More »

Is India’s IT Sector Malfunctioning?

The famous Pyramid at Infosys in Bangalore. (Photo by Kartik Malik, CC license)

India needs huge numbers of new jobs, and IT companies did once create relatively high-quality, stable and formal jobs in India. Lately, that engine of job growth has faltered, with forced attrition becoming the buzzword among IT employees. Against adverse business conditions, Indian IT companies have not been able to move up the value chain. Read More »

Afghanistan: Winning Strategy?

President Trump announcing the new US strategy for Afghanistan war on August 22. (Photo via video stream)

President Trump has embraced deeper US involvement in Afghanistan in a military campaign he once slammed as futile. Though touted as a conditions-based regional move towards a political solution, the new plan indicates little innovation. Read More »

Protecting American Democracy from Hackers

(Image by Global Panorama, CC license)

If the US wants to maintain a transparent and trusted democratic process, it must urgently address the evolving threat of hackers' interference in the election process. Read More »