March 26, 2017

A Decisive New York Primary for the Clintons – Again

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The story of New York's 1992 Democratic primary -- when another Clinton beat another left wing candidate with the help of another Cuomo. Read More »

The United States of Flint

(Photo by Michigan Municipal League, Creative Commons License)

Our outdated infrastructure will fall apart if we don't invest in repairing it — that's just physics. Read More »

Is Nuclear Energy Isn’t Worth the Risks?

The Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium. (Photo via IAEA Imagebank, Creative Commons License)

The scariest part of the Brussels attacks is something that hasn’t happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism. Read More »

What Does the Science Really Say About Sea-level Rise?

Rising sea levels will adversely impact countries like Maldives which face an existential threat from climate change.  (Photo by Ashwin Kumar, Creative Commons License)

Could sea levels really rise by several meters this century. Probably not, although this century's greenhouse emissions could potentially set the stage for large rises in centuries to come. Read More »

Americans Join Pakistanis to Condemn Lahore Terror Attack

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams addressing a press conference in Brooklyn, New York, on March 28 to condemn the terrorist attack in Lahore. (Photo by Mohsin Zaheer)

Several vigils held in NYC to pay respects to the victims. White House, public officials and world leaders condemn the attack. Read More »

As Obama Makes Historic Visit, is Cuba Ready for Change?

President Obama meeting with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro. (Photo via

Cuba has been reforming parts of its economy since 2008. Will the thaw in relations with its Cold War adversary and Obama's visit accelerate those changes? Read More »

Women of Color and the US Criminal Justice System

(Photo by Peter Burka, Creative Commons License)

Women are the fastest-growing portion of the U.S. prison population. In particular, women of color are disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system. Read More »

Why We Have the Most Polarized Supreme Court in History

US Supreme Court building. (Photo by Envios, Creative Commons License)

You're not imagining it: the Supreme Court has gotten more polarized politically than in years past, thanks to fewer moderates in the Senate. Read More »

What Trumpism Means for Democracy

(Photo by Michael Vadon, Creative Commons License)

American democracy has been failing for decades, so a disturbing number of us are turning to authoritarianism. Is Trump our Juan Perón? Read More »

Super Tuesday Sets Stage for a Trump vs Clinton Showdown

ViewsWeek image via CC license photos by LeStudio1- 2016 and Marc Nozell)

We are moving toward a general election that could be even more divisive than the primaries. Read More »