June 29, 2017

Why the UK’s Brexit Vote Should Matter to Americans

(Photo by DAVID HOLT, Creative Commons License)

Polls show voters are beginning to lean toward leaving the EU, so it's time to brush up on what will happen if there's a Brexit – and why it matters on this side of the Atlantic. Read More »

Terrorism in Orlando

Law enforcement vehicles near Pulse night club in Orlando during the worst terrorist attack on US soil. (Photo via video stream)

The Orlando LGBTI massacre looks like the work of an individual rather than a planned terror attack, but it's no less deadly for that. Read More »

Final Bell Sounds for Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

(Photo via video stream)

He moved from fearsome warrior to benevolent monarch and then benign venerated figure. Now Ali has moved on again. Read More »

Trump and the Future of US Power in the Pacific

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

Donald Trump’s scapegoating, zero-sum economic policies, threats to extort close allies over the continuation of the US forward deployment and his radically laissez-faire approach to nuclear diplomacy, will not only ultimately fail to address Americas’ grievances but also risks the future of the US as a Pacific and global power. Read More »

Security Risks in the Age of Smart Homes

(Photo by swimfinfan, Creative Commons License)

Smart home technologies have some major security weaknesses that better design and programming could solve. Read More »

Raising the Social Security Retirement Age is a Bad Idea

(Photo by AFGE, Creative Commons License)

As the gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest Americans continues to widen, now is the time to expand and strengthen Social Security, not cut it. Read More »

Megadonors Capitalize on Offshore Opportunities

George Town, Grand Cayman. (Photo by PC Ward, Creative Commons License)

The release of the Panama Papers has brought fresh reminders of the stunning amount of wealth held offshore, but that’s a world these donors and their firms navigate routinely as part of a rarefied investment community far more wealthy and sophisticated than the market to which most people have access. Read More »

Will the U.S. Be Trump-ed?

(Photo by Darron Birgenheier, Creative Commons License)

Unpredictable and having no discernible philosophy himself. Trump’s gung-ho style and flamboyant mannerisms has caught the imagination of mainly white males. He is temperamental, troublesome and has authoritarian tendencies. Read More »

Passage Through Divided America

Burning with anti-establishment rage and white identity politics, Republican base voters cheered when Trump toppled traditional politicians. (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The hard-core Republican establishment is worried sick about a possible political disaster in November 2016. Could Trump possibly be a “Goldwater” moment for the Republican Party? Read More »

Coastal Flooding Threatens Cities Across World

Flood waters from swollen rivers in Kuakata in south eastern Bangladesh.  (Photo by  Joe Coyle, Creative Commons License)

According to projections for the year 2070, India’s Kolkata and Mumbai top the list of cities whose populations are most exposed to coastal flooding, with 14 million and 11.4 million respectively. The first seven cities on the list are from Asia, followed by Miami at number eight. Read More »