April 30, 2017

Will the U.S. Be Trump-ed?

(Photo by Darron Birgenheier, Creative Commons License)

Unpredictable and having no discernible philosophy himself. Trump’s gung-ho style and flamboyant mannerisms has caught the imagination of mainly white males. He is temperamental, troublesome and has authoritarian tendencies. Read More »

Passage Through Divided America

Burning with anti-establishment rage and white identity politics, Republican base voters cheered when Trump toppled traditional politicians. (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The hard-core Republican establishment is worried sick about a possible political disaster in November 2016. Could Trump possibly be a “Goldwater” moment for the Republican Party? Read More »

Coastal Flooding Threatens Cities Across World

Flood waters from swollen rivers in Kuakata in south eastern Bangladesh.  (Photo by  Joe Coyle, Creative Commons License)

According to projections for the year 2070, India’s Kolkata and Mumbai top the list of cities whose populations are most exposed to coastal flooding, with 14 million and 11.4 million respectively. The first seven cities on the list are from Asia, followed by Miami at number eight. Read More »

Political Ads: Dark Money Dominating Senate Contests

(Photo by Patrick McKay, Creative Commons License)

Dark money groups — 501(c) tax-exempt organizations — have been behind 28,551 ads in Senate races so far, compared with 16,102 paid for by super PACs. Read More »

The Real Scandal Behind the Panama Papers

Panama City skyline. (Photo by Ali Eminov, Creative Commons License)

The Panama Papers revealed how financial system opacity enables crime, corruption, and terrorism. The United States has an opportunity to lead in the global effort against corruption—after getting its own house in order. Read More »

US-Saudi Ties and Middle East’s New Realities 

King Salman greets the President and First Lady.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, Creative Commons License)

As Saudi Arabia embarks on a period of significant economic and foreign policy change, the United States should use all the incentives at its disposal to press for change in a progressive direction. Read More »

Resilient Midwestern Cities Improving Equity in a Changing Climate

Chicago skyline from a green rooftop. (Photo by  Josh Koonce, Creative Commons License)

Faced with growing risks of flooding, heat-related deaths, and poor air and water quality; skyrocketing energy bills; and costly damage to homes and infrastructure, some Midwestern city officials and community advocates are taking steps to improve their cities’ resilience to the effects of climate change. Read More »

A Decisive New York Primary for the Clintons – Again

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The story of New York's 1992 Democratic primary -- when another Clinton beat another left wing candidate with the help of another Cuomo. Read More »

The United States of Flint

(Photo by Michigan Municipal League, Creative Commons License)

Our outdated infrastructure will fall apart if we don't invest in repairing it — that's just physics. Read More »

Is Nuclear Energy Isn’t Worth the Risks?

The Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium. (Photo via IAEA Imagebank, Creative Commons License)

The scariest part of the Brussels attacks is something that hasn’t happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism. Read More »