April 30, 2017

Don’t Drink the Farm

A view of algae at Lake Erie. (Photo via Quest Science video)

Agriculture runoff is choking Lake Erie. Are lawmakers finally ready to tell farmers to knock it off? Read More »

How Spending Cuts Increase Waste

(Photo by Scott Jones, Creative Commons License)

Across-the-board spending cuts may have reduced short-term budget deficits, but they also slowed economic growth and job creation while undermining long-term investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation. Some cuts, however, not only damaged the economy, but also targeted sectors of the federal budget devoted to preventing wasteful spending or ensuring that the government collects revenues efficiently and fairly. Read More »

A Well-Oiled Pipeline Brings Cash to Nebraska Race

Rep. Lee Terry. (Photo by House GOP, Creative Commons License)

An influx of cash from the national parties is adding fuel to the fire of a competitive House race in Nebraska. Read More »

Washington Wakes Up to Ebola Threat

Sierra Leone is being identified as epicenter of  Ebola epidemic. (Photo by   European Commission DG, Creative Commons License)

despite drawing tens of millions of dollars in government funding, Ebola research has dragged on for years, and the handful of biotechnology firms that are developing vaccines and treatments for the hemorrhagic fever were caught unawares by the epidemic. Read More »

US Military and Climate Security Budgets Compared

(Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet, Creative Commons License)

A new report connects U.S. military engagement and the threat of climate change, which now is being considered a threat to national security. Read More »

Build It and Bikes Will Come

Madison B-cycle bike share program, Madison, WI. (Photo by Adam Fagen, Creative Commons License)

Madison, Wisconsin gently guides its residents away from cars and onto bike lanes and buses. Read More »

Obama’s New Strategy Still Misses ISIS’ Weakest Link

(Photo by Christopher Dilts for Obama for America, Creative Commons License)

President Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS has the cautious support of majority of Americans. But some of America’s overseas allies are showing skepticism about the new strategy. Here are two opinions of Australian and Turkish analysts. Read More »

Using Art to Improve American Muslims’ Image

Participants of the initiative. (Photo by Mohsin Zaheer)

One New York City college has launched an innovative initiative -- Beyond Sacred: Unthinking Muslim Identity -- to improve the Muslim community's image by using theater. Read More »

First South Asian on New York State Lt. Governor Ballot


A self-made successful businessman of Indian origin, who came to the United States when he was 21 years old, has made it to the ballot for New York state Lt. Governor. Read More »

Democratic Lawmakers Lead in Personal Contributions

(Photo by Refracted Moments, Creative Commons License)

While politicians are naturally more apt to give out of their own pockets than the average wealthy American, it’s important not to overstate the sums of money involved. Members of Congress focus their donations on party committees and candidates in roughly equal measure, targeting 40 percent of their contributions to the former and 38 percent to the latter. Read More »