December 16, 2017

Did U.S. Lose the War on Poverty?

Fifty years on from the Great Society program, what has been achieved – and what hasn’t – in government efforts to reduce poverty. Read More »

2014: Twelve Stories of Money and Politics

A Washington DC-based nonpartisan non-profit research group's blog picks the big legal developments of 2014 in terms of political cash-counting. Read More »

Four Ways 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for the Internet

At stake is whether the Internet remains a democratic, user-powered network. Read More »

America Mourns Peshawar School Massacre

Pakistani community across the United States is in a state of shock over the massacre by Taliban terrorists at a school in Peshawar. Vigils in dozens of cities and towns across the US are attracting thousands of people. Read More »

NYC’s 42% Residents Can’t Afford Basic Necessities

The cost of a basic family budget in New York City has increased by 45% since 2000 while the median earnings of adults increased by only 17% over the past 14 years, says a new report. Read More »

US-Cuba Thaw After 50 Tense Years

Obama announced a number of sweeping policy changes. Change is in the interests of both nations. The tense relationship between the two sides has a long and complicated history. Read More » to Back Another Clinton Opponent

While the potential GOP field is crowded, the long-held presumption among the bulk of Democrats is that if Hillary Clinton runs, most other candidates will stay out of her way. But is seeking to prevent that by pushing to get Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race. Read More »

Defense Contractors Venture into Health Care

As funding for military contracts shrinks, major defense contractors have started to edge their way into the business of implementing health care reform. Read More »

America’s Triumphant Return to Human Space Exploration

The United States took the first step on its long journey to Mars when the Orion spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on its inaugural test flight. But Orion’s first test flight represents much more than an opportunity to collect data and refine spacecraft design; it represents the return of American leadership and ambition on the final frontier. Read More »

Obama, Politicians Respond to Senate CIA Torture Report

President Obama says the CIA’s "troubling program" involving enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects in secret facilities outside the United States were "inconsistent" with America's values as nation. But some Republicans say they don't endorse the report's conclusions. Read More »