March 26, 2017

Using Art to Improve American Muslims’ Image

Participants of the initiative. (Photo by Mohsin Zaheer)

One New York City college has launched an innovative initiative -- Beyond Sacred: Unthinking Muslim Identity -- to improve the Muslim community's image by using theater. Read More »

First South Asian on New York State Lt. Governor Ballot


A self-made successful businessman of Indian origin, who came to the United States when he was 21 years old, has made it to the ballot for New York state Lt. Governor. Read More »

Democratic Lawmakers Lead in Personal Contributions

(Photo by Refracted Moments, Creative Commons License)

While politicians are naturally more apt to give out of their own pockets than the average wealthy American, it’s important not to overstate the sums of money involved. Members of Congress focus their donations on party committees and candidates in roughly equal measure, targeting 40 percent of their contributions to the former and 38 percent to the latter. Read More »

Staving Off Traffic Jams Along Information Superhighway

(Photo by tyranos_wl, Creative Commons License)

Every major consumer group, a nationwide coalition of mayors, and thousands of startups and small businesses have joined millions of people in urging the FCC to save Net Neutrality. Read More »

Why is There GRAS in My Food?

(Photo by  xxrobot, Creative Commons License)

Are the additives in our food safe? The government doesn’t know, either. If you follow environmental science and policy (or just dip a toe in every once in a while), you’re bound to encounter obscure terms and wonky jargon. OnEarth is here to explain them to you, in this new feature called The Jargonaut. Read More »

Why Body Cameras Alone Won’t Solve Policing Problem

(Photo by Elvert Barnes, Creative Commons License)

The use of body cams by police in Rialto, California led to a 60 percent drop in use of police force with complaints against police officers falling by almost 90 percent. The only obstacle preventing every police department from making cameras standard is cost — $300 to $400 per unit and oversight of video recordings. Read More »

Militarized Policing No Answer to Ferguson’s Problems

(Photo via videostream)

The US police are probably among the most heavily armed in the world but that has not stopped urban disorder from happening. Long term solutions will not be found by turning police forces into the paramilitary outfits we are currently seeing on the streets of St Louis. Read More »

As Mississippi Moves on, a New Struggle Arises

Civil right movement exhibit at the Newseum at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC. (Photo by Elvert Barnes, Creative Commons License)

Half a century after the Freedom Summer, black Americans face new challenges. Read More »

Correcting Media’s Skewed Perspective

(Photo via video stream)

A hashtag campaign confronts the racial biases in the images we see and challenges the opinions we embrace of young, black Americans. This is social media at its best, offering a real-time counter-narrative to the media’s typically negative and stereotypical imagery of young black people as something to be feared. Read More »

What Robin Williams’ Death Teaches Us About Depression

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Parkinson’s Disease, which affects about one million Americans, can lead to a range of physical and mental symptoms. The condition may cause tremors, impaired posture and balance, muscle stiffness, speech issues, and cognitive impairment. For Robin Williams, the potential changes in his ability to use his voice — something 90 percent of Parkinson’s patients struggle with — may have been particularly difficult to face. Read More »