October 21, 2017

Here’s How to Fix America’s Crumbling Bridges

Nearly a quarter of US bridges are functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. Why does it take so long to repair a bridge? There are better ways to get these projects underway. Read More »

Americans Rushed to Purchase Guns on Black Friday

There are nine guns for every 10 Americans, yet this Black Friday saw people thronging gun shops in large numbers. The FBI processed three background checks for gun purchases every second on Friday. But, the system is far from perfect, as some states don’t feed enough real-time information into the criminal background check system, allowing individuals with troubled mental health histories or criminal records to pass checks and purchase weapons. Read More »

Ferguson is Not a Special Case

Three social facts that guarantee it won’t be long before the nation’s attention focuses on another divided community or insensitive Tweet that yet again reveals the permanence of racism. Read More »

Beyond Chuck Hagel’s Resignation

Even if Chuck Hagel’s resignation was by mutual agreement, critics will seize upon the decision as evidence of a White House in disarray. Sacrificing this particular lamb to demonstrate the administration’s resolve could backfire. Read More »

Will GOP Congress Protect Public Lands?

Despite the Republican swing, the next Congress might actually protect some wilderness. ’Bout time. Read More »

America’s Homeless Children Population Staggering

America’s homeless children population reaches a staggering 2.5 million, says a new report, calling for urgent and comprehensive steps to reverse the trend. Read More »

Sandy Storyline: Search Still on for Relief

Two years after Hurricane Sandy some residents still struggling to recover have become organic experts on disaster response. But is anyone listening? Read More »

Obama Wants to Preserve Net Neutrality

President Obama has called keeping the Internet free and open for everyone by preserving net neutrality. The message comes just days after news leaked that the FCC was planning on reclassifying the Internet as a utility — meaning it could face tougher regulations — but would still allow fast lanes. Read More »

5 Issues The Lame Duck Congress Can Resolve

Now that the midterms are over, the next tough pill to swallow are the next two months of watching and waiting to see what comes out of the 2014 lame duck Congress. These 5 areas will show how far the Republicans can reach across the aisle in the Democrats’ final two months in control of the U.S. Senate. Read More »

US Coastal Cities Face Up to Climate Change

New York, Miami and Washington D.C. are having to upgrade flood protection systems to adapt to rising sea levels. Read More »