June 29, 2017

Journalists Need a Point of View if They Want to Stay Relevant

(Image by Steve Garfield, Creative Commons License)

Rather than try to stay in the middle of two polarized extremes, reporters should embrace their biases and write with intellectual honesty and a clear voice. Read More »

Chances of Ebola Spreading in New York City Low

(Photo by The All-Nite Images, Creative Commons License)

There is reason to be optimistic that the disease will not spread and the people of New York City will be safe. Read More »

Testing Overload in America’s Schools

(Photo by Ryan McGilchrist, Creative Commons License)

States and school districts are far from the goal of better, fairer, and fewer tests. Some states have decided to stop administering the new Common Core tests, while others have chosen to walk away from using the standards altogether. Read More »

What West Africa Can Teach the U.S. About Ebola

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Nigeria and Senegal have declared victory on Ebola even as healthcare workers in Texas contract it. Texas is not West Africa. But every once in a while, the West African example is worth following. Read More »

Liberians in US Face Worsening Ebola Stigma

In better times - market in Little Liberia selling food items from home. (Photo by Bobby Digi via IRIN)

There seems a growing perception in the U.S. that anyone of African descent may be carrying Ebola. And whether that person visited any of the affected countries in Africa recently appears to be of little relevance.  Read More »

4 Reasons Why A Travel Ban Won’t Solve the Ebola Crisis

(Photo by Matt Hintsa, Creative Commons License)

Banning flights from Ebola-stricken countries sounds like a logical step to contain the spread of an outbreak that’s been spiraling out of control in West Africa for months. But the policies that give people a sense of security aren’t always the ones that get the best results from a global health perspective. Read More »

U.S. Human Spaceflight Beyond 2014

Two of the three United Launch Alliance Delta IV heavy boosters for NASA’s upcoming Exploration Flight Test-1, or EFT-1, mission with the Orion spacecraft. (NASA photo by Kim Shiflett, Creative Commons License)

In the decades since the last Moon landing in 1972, America’s horizons have shrunk and withered. Human spaceflight remains a core American success, but it has lost direction and, since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011, basic capability. Read More »

Don’t Drink the Farm

A view of algae at Lake Erie. (Photo via Quest Science video)

Agriculture runoff is choking Lake Erie. Are lawmakers finally ready to tell farmers to knock it off? Read More »

How Spending Cuts Increase Waste

(Photo by Scott Jones, Creative Commons License)

Across-the-board spending cuts may have reduced short-term budget deficits, but they also slowed economic growth and job creation while undermining long-term investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation. Some cuts, however, not only damaged the economy, but also targeted sectors of the federal budget devoted to preventing wasteful spending or ensuring that the government collects revenues efficiently and fairly. Read More »

A Well-Oiled Pipeline Brings Cash to Nebraska Race

Rep. Lee Terry. (Photo by House GOP, Creative Commons License)

An influx of cash from the national parties is adding fuel to the fire of a competitive House race in Nebraska. Read More »