October 21, 2017

Are the Media Killing the New Hampshire Primary?

For 100 years, retail politics has ruled the New Hampshire primary. We may be seeing a new dynamic emerge in 2016. Read More »

President Obama is Right to Visit Baltimore Mosque

President Obama is right to visit this mosque, and this decision demonstrates his resolve to reject the scapegoating of minority groups and to highlight the strength of American pluralism and tolerance. Read More »

Apple’s Appetite for Washington Influence Keeps Growing

He may be no Steve Jobs, but with the company’s growth slowing, Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook clearly has a vision — one where Apple is a major player in federal lobbying. Read More »

The Hottest Year on Record Signals That Global Warming is Alive

Thanks to El Niño and climate change, last year broke temperature records – and reduces any importance attached to the global warming 'hiatus.' Read More »

Obama’s Final State of the Union: Scholars React

The president's speech on Tuesday was nostalgic, forward-looking – and pretty disappointing, say some scholars. Read More »

How the Homeless Population is Changing: It’s Older and Sicker

Field research in Oakland highlights a major issue that Americans have yet to face up to: how to deal with growing numbers of homeless older people in our streets. Read More »

LI Interfaith Candlelight Vigil Calls for Peace, Tolerance

Participants of an interfaith candlelight vigil at the Nassau County executive building in Minneola, Long Island, call for peace and tolerance, and pray for the safety and security of all Americans. Read More »

The Path to 270 in 2016

Both the structural demographic changes and geographic patterns of support in the electorate suggest slight advantages for Democrats in 2016. In no way, however, do these factors preclude Republicans from taking the right steps to amass a national majority and Electoral College victory. Read More »

Obama: The Fairy-Tale President?

Obama's made a lot of Faustian bargains over the last seven years. But given his likely successors, what we got over the last two terms may be as good as it gets. Read More »

What the GOP’s Putting Under Corporate America’s Tree

This year-end tax package is a grab bag of gifts for corporations and a lump of coal for working families. Read More »