August 17, 2017

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

(Photo via video stream)

A criminologist reviews recent research to dispel common misconceptions. Read More »

Why Do American Cops Kill So Many Compared to European Cops?

File photo of  a 2014  national march against police violence in Washington DC.  (Photo by Ted Eytan, Creative Commons License)

American police kill 100 times more civilians than Finnish police. Racism and gun control are just part of the problem. Read More »

Major Spike in Hate Crimes Against American Muslims

American Muslim community complains that some Republican presidential candidates are stoking Islamophobia. (Photo by ViewsWeek)

America's largest Muslim civil rights group reports "unprecedented" backlash and discrimination targeting the nation's Muslim minority since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Read More »

A Warmer Embrace of Muslims Could Stop Homegrown Terrorism

American Muslims despite facing renewed pressure for greater scrutiny have enjoyed greater religious freedom and acceptance. The New York City is one of few cities across the nation which have included Eid holidays to school calendar. (Photo by Haris Khan/ViewsWeek)

Many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it. Read More »

Personal Wealth: A Nation of Extremes, and a Congress, Too

U.S. Capitol building in Washington DC. (Photo by freshwater2006, Creative Commons License)

A close look at members’ personal financial disclosure statements covering 2014 shows that Congress is a body of extremes — extreme wealth and a bit of extreme debt. Even though Congress may be a sample of particularly well-off Americans, its richest members are staggeringly wealthy — though none, so far, appear to be billionaires. Read More »

Bernie Sanders Has America Talking About Denmark

(Photo by Marc Nozell, Creative Commons License)

If you were looking for a place where democratic socialism appears to be working, you’d be hard pressed to find a better example than Denmark. Read More »

Keystone XL Debate is Over, but Infrastructure Needs are Not

(Photo by Light Brigading, Creative Commons License)

Climate advocates are cheering rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, but both our fossil fuel and renewable energy infrastructure badly needs upgrading to tackle climate change. Read More »

The Rise of Halal Food Carts in NYC

Halal carts have seen a mushroom growth in New York City. (Photo by Tom Simpson, Creative Commons License)

The mushroom growth of halal carts have made their mark on New York City’s life and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. These carts are introducing Americans to cuisines of countries and regions which have traditionally been in the headlines for wrong reasons. Read More »

Let’s Not Reinvent the Wheel in Puerto Rico

Two art students were working on a street piece in Puerto Rico. The country had shut down that week. (Photo by Queen of the Universe, Creative Commons License)

Policymakers have the tools to address the Puerto Rican debt crisis, Puerto Rico just needs to be allowed to use them. Read More »

Obama Calls for Limits on School Testing. Here’s Why

Why should schools need to moderate testing? (Photo by Innisfree Hotels, Creative Commons License)

President Obama's message has put issues around standardized testing back in the news. Here's what scholars have been saying. Read More »