September 19, 2017

How Cloud Computing Could Help Prevent Air Disasters

Air Asia airliners at the Kuala Lumpur Airport. (Photo by Fabio Achilli, Creative Commons License)

The technology exists to provide real-time and accurate weather warnings to aircraft – but it needs to be harnessed properly. Read More »

Four Ways 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for the Internet

Banners in support of a free internet outside the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City on Oct 28, 2014, before a hearing on the right to connect and communicate. (Photo by Vanissa W. Chan/ACD Media via Free Press, Creative Commons License)

At stake is whether the Internet remains a democratic, user-powered network. Read More »

Drone Lobby Taking Flak from the FAA

This drone has a Go Pro camera mounted underneath and can go anywhere. (Photo Don McCullough, Creative Commons License)

Representatives from the retail, broadcast and agriculture industries have lobbied for the right to use drones to enhance profits. But the lobbying effort to allow commercial drone use looks set to take a major hit, with the Federal Aviation Administration planning to issue a series of long-awaited regulations as soon as the end of December. Read More »

How Commercial Aircraft Will Look Like in 2050

(Photo via Boeing)

The adoption of any new aircraft technology – from research, to design sketches, to testing and full integration – is typically a decade-long process. Given that the combustion engine will be phased out by mid-century, it would seem to make more economic and environmental sense to innovate in other areas: airframe design, materials research, electric propulsion design and air traffic control. Read More »

How Rosetta Made an Epic Journey Through Space

Philae’s first view of the comet. (Photo by ESA/ROLIS/Philae, via The Conversation)

Despite its overall success, the ten-year space journey to an icy dirtball wasn’t without concerns and small failures. Read More »

Obama Wants to Preserve Net Neutrality

(Photo by Stephen Melkisethian, Creative Commons License)

President Obama has called keeping the Internet free and open for everyone by preserving net neutrality. The message comes just days after news leaked that the FCC was planning on reclassifying the Internet as a utility — meaning it could face tougher regulations — but would still allow fast lanes. Read More »

VW to Launch 20 Electric Vehicles in China

VW Volkswagen's E-Up! . harry_nl

The launch of green cars will help with China’s serious smog problem. Read More »

U.S. Human Spaceflight Beyond 2014

Two of the three United Launch Alliance Delta IV heavy boosters for NASA’s upcoming Exploration Flight Test-1, or EFT-1, mission with the Orion spacecraft. (NASA photo by Kim Shiflett, Creative Commons License)

In the decades since the last Moon landing in 1972, America’s horizons have shrunk and withered. Human spaceflight remains a core American success, but it has lost direction and, since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011, basic capability. Read More »

Your Phone Screen Just Won the Nobel Prize

nobel winners

Last year it was for an elusive particle, but this year the ubiquitous LED takes its place on the Nobel rostrum. Read More »

Don’t Drink the Farm

A view of algae at Lake Erie. (Photo via Quest Science video)

Agriculture runoff is choking Lake Erie. Are lawmakers finally ready to tell farmers to knock it off? Read More »