October 21, 2017

Forget Vegas, Nevada is Now About Reno and Lithium

As the state's southwest corner fills up with new lithium players, Tesla gears up for its battery gigafactory and the world's largest data center sets up shop, Nevada is poised for one of the greatest economic revival stories of the century. Read More »

Solar Lamps Make Big Money for Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the first country to get UN climate funds to install home solar energy systems in villages off the electricity grid. Read More »

Electric Aircraft – Aviation’s Future or Just Wishful Thinking?

With emissions targets to hit and oil running out, it's time to take electric planes seriously. Read More »

Fishing Ban Reflects How Fragile Arctic Ecosystem Is

A melting Arctic means new areas will be open to commercial fishing but scientists – and bordering countries – say they need time to study the ecological and economic risks. Read More »

NASA’s New Horizons ‘Phones Home’ Safe after Pluto Flyby

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft phoned home just before 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday (July 14) to tell the mission team and the world it had accomplished the historic first-ever flyby of Pluto. Read More »

Why Buffett Bet A Billion on Solar

By 2030, millions of people will have transport fuel that is ‘on the house.’ During the midday hours, many grids will experience negative pricing as solar PV floods the market to the extent that the power cannot be stored. As millions of electric vehicles hit the road, they will likely become the default destination for stored electricity. Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell cannot stop this. They had better think seriously about financing solar and wind arrays. Read More »

Tesla Could be Changing the Dynamics of Global Energy

Effective battery storage for large amounts of energy would be a game changer in that it would enable a separation of generation and use of energy produced through clean fuels like solar and wind power. As supply costs fall, battery production costs across the industry would fall leading to increased quantity demanded by consumers and businesses. Read More »

The Game-Changing Water Revolution

In the middle of North American shale boom, the lack of water is suffocating. Amid this doom and gloom, a water revolution emerges, led by energy industry figures who realized the endless potential of tapping into new water sources and processing them with advanced desalination technology that, for the first time ever, is economically feasible. Read More »

The Web App That Made Information Free

Wikipedia, which will turn 15 next year, can attribute its success to the unique way in which it combines free information with user convenience. Read More »

Cops May Feel Biggest Impact from Driverless Car Revolution

The dawn of self-driving vehicles will likely lead to the sunset of the modern police force as rule-abiding cars eliminate the need for traffic enforcement. Read More »