September 25, 2017

Final Bell Sounds for Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

(Photo via video stream)

He moved from fearsome warrior to benevolent monarch and then benign venerated figure. Now Ali has moved on again. Read More »

If Football is Deadly, Why Do We Still Watch?

(Photo by Kevin Jones, Creative Commons License)

The evidence that football leads to brain injury is mounting, but there are two big reasons why it's not likely to change anytime soon. Read More »

Baseball’s Ethnic Tensions Run Deeper Than Bat Flips

(Photo by James G, Creative Commons License)

Why do white players seem so intent on preserving an unspoken set of rules? Read More »

How Much Energy Does the Super Bowl Use?

(Photo by Pete Sekesan, Creative Commons License)

The Super Bowl is huge and more expensive for America, and perhaps the environment, than most people realize. Still, the Super Bowl has quite a ways to go before it catches up in size and cost to the World Cup. Read More »

Nearly 100 Years Ago, Baseball Almost Banned Broadcasts

(Photo by slgckgc, Creative Commons License)

With owners deeply divided over radio, a 20-year tug-of-war would ensue. Read More »

Not Really Cricket

Pakistani batsman Haris Sohail returning to the pavilion after losing his wicket in the World Cup match against England. (Photo via video stream)

Pakistan needs those involved in its World Cup cricket team selection to keep the national interest before personal likes and dislikes. But then this is Pakistan where merit is a disqualifier both in sports and politics. Read More »

Pakistan: Selecting Weak Teams

Saeed Ajmal's exit has adversely impacted Pakistan's bowling attack. (Photo by NAPARAZZI, Creative Commons License)

The Pakistan Cricket Board officials must shun their over-inflated egos and get Saeed Ajmal back in the team. On his part Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will do well by re-forming his Cabinet immediately before someone else does it for him. Read More »

Flawed Format May Make Cricket World Cup Tough to Swallow

A glimpse of Cricket World Cup fever in Christchurch.  (Photo by  Jocelyn Kinghorn, Creative Commons License)

The Cricket World Cup is just a few days away, but the lopsided and drawn-out format of the tournament will make it a frustrating few weeks before the quarter-finals. Read More »

Super Bowl Athletes Are Scientists at Work

(Photo by Duncan McAlynn, Creative Commons License)

This Sunday’s Super Bowl is one of the largest scientific endeavors you’ll ever see on live television. So if you watch the big game this weekend, appreciate it as not just a display of amazing physical skill, but of science. Read More »

Phil Hughes: The Tragic Reality of Life’s Frailty

Phil Hughes tragic death has left the cricket world shocked and stunned.

Sport, they say, mirrors life. Rarely, though, does it mirror the grim realities that force us to take time to examine our own frailties. Phil Hughes, whose life was ended doing what he loved most, forces introspection of just how fragile life can be. Read More »