September 25, 2017

Holy Idiots And Jihadi Vultures Tarnishing Islam

Smoke is coming out of Nairobi's Westgate Mall on September 21 after al-Shabbab terrorists attacked the mall. (Photo off video stream)

  Whether the myriad Islamic extremist groups are the creation of the world’s most astute intelligence groups or whether they are the products of a warped interpretation of Islam, once again we have been reminded that it is high time that we dealt with them sternly and decisively before they slaughter more innocent people. The Nairobi (Kenya) mall terror this ... Read More »

Sri Lanka’s Vertical Theory of Democracy

A view of an election rally of the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in North Western Province's Kurunegala District on September 17, 2013. (Photo via President Mahinda Rajapaksa's office)

I feel we are living in a vertical democracy. As the President of the country stated, we do have elections on a regular basis. We are governed by a Constitution, which establishes democratic institutions of governance. One can check the boxes: Sri Lanka has an Executive, Parliament, a Judiciary, and universal franchise is an age-old tradition in the country. This ... Read More »