November 23, 2017

SAARC’s Make or Break Moment

The game of one-upmanship by India and Pakistan, the two leading countries of SAARC, is likely to do immense harm to the cause of the poverty-ridden South Asian region, where concerted efforts at regional cooperation could be crucial in shaping its future development. Read More »

Pakistan: A Catalyst at War

Instead of seeking power for power’s sake, Imran must be the catalyst for electoral reform so that only the best, and not the worst, get into Parliament by a correct exercise of the vote to reflect the public aspirations. The people of Pakistan must have genuine democracy, starting at the grassroots level. Read More »

What Does Pakistan’s Agitating Opposition Want?

Pakistan's opposition leader Imran Khan and his colleagues will certainly be the beneficiaries if they can push their reform agenda in the country's northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and then showcase it for the next election. Unfortunately, it seems that they are surrounded by hawkish, short-sighted advisers who refuse to invoke logic and instead, are peddling an agenda that at times sounds hollow, contradictory and self-serving. Read More »

New Era in Russia-Pakistan Relations?

Bilateral ties have long been rocky, but a recent defense deal marks a turning point. Read More »

Demilitarizing Kashmir’s Demographic Question

As Kashmir votes, the modalities of Pandit resettlement will mark the limits of India’s rising saffron tide. Read More »

Pakistan Has World’s Fastest-growing Nuclear Program

A new reports by a leading U.S. think tank warns that unresolved territorial disputes, cross-border terrorism, and growing nuclear arsenals are threatening South Asia’s strategic nuclear stability. It notes that Pakistan has the fastest-growing nuclear program in the world. Read More »

Pakistan: Monetizing Rights

Pakistan has seen most of the deaths due to hunger and abuse of blasphemy laws in the regions that the country’s two political dynasties — the Bhuttos and the Sharifs — claim to be their bastions. And shamefully enough, none are ready to take the blame. Read More »

Pakistan’s Fail-Safe Line of Constitutional Morality

When bad governance makes democracy delusional, applying common-sense logic to conscience someone must find the moral courage to cross the hypothetical fail-safe line to save the country from the predators in control! Read More »

South Asia’s States of Denial

Increasing militarization of South Asia’s conflict zones has led to severe human-rights violations. From the extraordinary denial of the universal right to life, to citizen security and justice, the empirical realities of South Asia point to a systemic crisis, in which a situation akin to martial law exists within these conflict zones, without the government-in-question needing to declare it as such. Read More »

Pakistan: Beyond Irking Bangladesh

Outsiders are perplexed over the rhetorical commitment of Pakistani leaders to ‘fight terrorism of all shades’ and lofty claims on strategies to deal with them. The country needs friends and supporters on world stage. But its interior minister is wasting no opportunity to offend others, the latest being Bangladesh. Read More »