April 24, 2017

Pakistan Under Siege

Huge flames behind parked planes during an attack on Karachi airport on June 8, 2014. Pakistan has long suspected India's involvement in many daring attacks in recent years. Indian Defense Minister's daring statement has reinforced these suspicions. (Photo via video stream)

Pakistan successfully foiled a terrorist attack on the country's largest airport. But the ten attackers, all of whom were killed, did succeed in highlighting the country's failure in winning the intelligence war, which holds the key to rooting out terrorism from its soil. Read More »

Peace Management Through Warlords

(Photo by Omer Wazir, Creative Commons License)

The relentless bombing on Al Qaeda-linked foreign militants’ bases in North Waziristan by Pakistan’s military is unfolding a new militant alignments, forcing Punjabi, Uzbek, Uighur Chinese, and Arab Al Qaeda militants to search for new safe havens in the regions bordering the eastern Afghan province of Kunar. The biggest problem with the new realignment is Pakistan’s continued dependence on regional warlords for peace management. Read More »

Terrorism, Kashmir and Indo-Pakistan Relations

Finalizing India’s offers on Siachen and Sir Creek should be part of the agenda for the first 100 days that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for. Picture shows soldiers climbing Siachen. (Photo via The Hindu)

Indian and Pakistani diplomats reflect on suspicions touching paranoia, especially over questions such as terrorism, in New Delhi and Islamabad. Maleeha Lodhi warns Pakistan that goodwill alone cannot substitute strategy while Satyabrata Pal insists that lasting peace can only come by resolving outstanding disputes over Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek. Read More »

Why Brazuca Means So Much to Pakistan?

(Photo by Doctoredi, Creative Commons License)

There is more to Pakistan than terrorism. Pakistan is also the birthplace of the Brazuca, the official match ball for the 2014 FIFA world cup. Most Pakistanis, let alone the rest of the world, are unaware of the Brazuca’s Sialkoti origins. Read More »

Book Review: Who Foiled a Deal on Siachen?

for slider The Accidental Prime Minister copy

A new book reveals that while Manmohan Singh wanted to find a solution to India’s dispute with Pakistan over Siachen glacier, opposition from his army chief and senior colleagues, scuttled any prospects for this. The army chief General JJ Singh, acted in a duplicitous way. In close-door briefings, the General would say that a deal with Pakistan was doable, but in public he would back A.K. Antony when the defense minister chose not to back the PM. Read More »

Indo-Pakistan Relations: The Audacity of Hope

Modi Nawaz shake hands  R Sameer 2

Moving away from Siachen and Kargil mindsets in both India and Pakistan won’t be easy. But big crowns come stuffed with thorns. Even the smallest ambition for peace between India and Pakistan needs statesmanship and roadblock-mitigation. Hope is not a plan, no matter how audacious. Read More »

Why Pakistan’s Sharif Must Go to India

Narendra Modi's invitation to the heads of state and government in South Asia, especially the Pakistani prime minister) is  being described as his first major foreign policy initiative. (Photo via Pakistan Today)

Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi’s surprise invitation to the South Asian leaders to attend his swearing-in ceremony has the makings of a shock and awe tactic with three messages: the first to Pakistan, the second to the region and the third for domestic consumption, says a leading Indian newspaper in an editorial. In Pakistan, analysts are urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to accept the invitation which offers a unique opportunity to put the past behind and look to the future. Read More »

Pakistan’s Dangerous Political Games

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf of former cricket hero-turned politician Imran Khan staged a big rally in Islamabad on May 11, demanding electoral reforms to cleans the country's rotten electoral system. (Photo by Sajjad Hussain, Creative Commons License)

Far better than (Pakistan’s former president) Asif Ali Zardari except in the one that counts in Pakistan, pragmatic common-sense politics, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is genuinely popular among the electorate. Zardari is (and was) not, nevertheless he deftly cobbled together a coalition government and kept most of them happy most of the time.  Being subjected to blackmail by his political ... Read More »

Media-Military Face-Off Divides Pakistan

(Image by Dave Bedford, Creative Commons License)

Shell shock and combat fatigue are medical conditions common during violent conflict. Anyone going through the horrifying experience of being fired upon and have six bullets lodged in his body (two of them still there) would be in a state of trauma. Before slipping into unconsciousness at the hospital Hamid Mir made some startling allegations. Public posturing aside, he has ... Read More »

Dams Blamed for South Asia’s Sinking Deltas

Indus delta in Pakistan's Sindh province. (Photo by zerega, Creative Commons License)

One or two people leave their homes in the Sundarbans forests of the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta each day, perhaps never to return.  It’s but a small vignette of a larger tragedy being played out across South Asia’s delta regions where land is fast sinking as the sea waters rise, leaving millions of people vulnerable to disasters like cyclones and floods.   The mouth of the ... Read More »