May 30, 2017

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: Will Narratives Change?

Protestors burn a poster of Pakistani politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman during a protest against his visit in June 2015. (Photo via video stream)

Ashraf Ghani finds himself pitched against deeply-entrenched beliefs about Pakistan in Afghanistan’s security establishment. Read More »

Combating White Collar Crimes in Pakistan

(Photo via Transparency International)

Salutary examples must be made by Pakistan’s central bank, and if not SBP then the National Accountability Bureau, to protect the public interest from white collar criminals in the financial services sector. Read More »

Iran’s Chabahar Port and the Strategic Turf Wars

Gwadar Port. (Photo by Moign Khawaja, Creative Commons License)

Iran’s Chabahar port is challenging the significance of Pakistan’s Gwadar deep sea port. The project is strategically important particularly for India due to its land access to Afghanistan and Central Asia which is otherwise blocked by the territory of Pakistan. Read More »

Pakistan: Terrorism, Governance and the Police

Pakistani police has been politicized by politicians.

The police in Pakistan lack legitimacy, professionalism and above all, political space to move towards democratic policing. Read More »

Pakistan on Brink of Becoming ‘Water Scarce’

Islam Headworks on River Sutlaj, which regulates water flow from India. (Photo by Faisal Saeed, Creative Commons License)

With water availability plummeting, Pakistan is close to being declared a water scare country, but better management of surface water resources and groundwater aquifers shared with India can help avert the crisis. Read More »

Modi’s Self-defeating Pakistan Policy

Modi's hardline national security policy is self-defeating.

For India, the only way to de-hyphenate itself from Pakistan is to improve relations with Islamabad through bold initiatives. Modi, who has always advocated a more muscular approach to national security, cannot ignore Pakistan, but must also recognize that a hardline approach will create problems for New Delhi. Read More »

Pakistan: Organized Crime Promotes Terrorism

Policemen stand at the site of a terrorist attack on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan, on February 12. (Photo via The Friday Times)

When establishing the rule of law becomes the domain of those who live outside the rule of law, accountability becomes a figment of imagination allowing criminals to function in the name of justice. Justice then becomes a crime! Read More »

Pakistan: Summer’s Discontent

Asif Ali Zardari. (United Nations Photo, Creative Commons License)

Asif Ali Zardari outburst might be “the defining moment” PPP needed to re-invigorate itself as the dynamic force it once was in Pakistani politics. Read More »

New Encirclement in South Asia

(From L to R) Indian and Pakistani soldiers shake hands at the two countries' border at Wagah, near Pakistani city of Lahore. (Photo by joshuahsong, Creative Commons License)

The vibes in south Asia are pretty clear now; a nationalist, jingoistic and intelligence-led mindset in New Delhi has turned Afghanistan into the centerpiece of its policy on Pakistan. Regardless of how they position themselves henceforth, the world should not be surprised if the current simmering tensions blew into armed hostilities – even if limited Read More »

Pakistan and India’s Regional Ambitions

Pakistani and Indian flags at the two countries border . (Photo by Global Panorama, CC License)

Anyone would be foolish to wish for an India-Pakistan war, one that could lead to a nuclear holocaust. The process of dialogue must focus on compromise so that the situation does not spiral into war, death and destruction. India and Pakistan can come to an “arrangement” over Kashmir if an “agreement” is not possible. Read More »