March 23, 2017

Pakistan: Tagging the Corrupt

General Pervez Musharraf (r) and General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani's names were often associated indirectly with corruption, greed, unnecessary political arm twisting and indecision.

The moral authority of Pakistan Army suffers in public perception in the face of the avarice, greed and ambitions of a few. The corrupt, whoever they are, need to be tagged, says one defense analyst. Read More »

Pakistan: No Shades of Grey

Pakistani media

Adhering to rules, editors who enforce strict standards about facts and sources are on the decline in the Pakistani media. There is a dire need for a responsible media to restore objectivity.  The demise of objectivity has made things black or white, there are no shades of grey. Read More »

The Disappearing Morel Mushrooms of Pakistan

In the Hindu Kush Himalayas the mushroom is worth its weight in gold.(Image from Wikimedia)

Climate change and deforestation are wreaking havoc on the production of a rare mushroom species, impacting local communities and national exports. Read More »

Pakistan: The Mustafa Kamal Factor

Karachi is Pakistan's commercial hub. Political violence in the city has adversely impacted its economy for years. (Photo by damian entwistle, Creative Commons License)

Being central to the economics of Pakistan, peace in Karachi means prosperity in the country, Karachi is vital ground!   How would “the great silent majority” of Pakistanis chose between Altaf Hussain and Mustafa Kamal to restore peace to Karachi and to its former pristine economic glory is yet to be seen. Read More »

Pakistan-India Intelligence Cooperation: A Game Changer?

Border gates at Pakistan-India border near Lahore.  (Photo by Owen Lin, Creative Commons License)

The exchange of information between the Indian and Pakistani national security advisers begs a major question; if this can happen, why cant it happen between the two in Afghanistan? Can such an interaction translate into a game changer for all the three countries? Read More »

Historical Baggage at Kabul Airport

A view of Kabul International AIrport. (Photo by k t, Creative Commons License)

A Pakistani parliamentarian’s experience at Kabul airport reveals the deep mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Read More »

The Needy and the Greedy

Many in the Pakistani elite have purchase expensive properties in many global cities such as London, Dubai and beyond, using their ill-gotten wealth. Properties around London's Hyde Park is one such dream destination of this eleite. (Photo by  Elliott Brown, Creative Commons License)

When establishing the rule of law becomes the domain of those who live outside the rule of law, accountability becomes a figment of imagination. When criminals function in the name of justice, justice becomes a crime. Read More »

View from Kabul: Obstacles to Afghan Peace Process

(Third from right) Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister Hikmat Karzai speaking to mediamen in Kabul. (Photo by Imtiaz Gul)

The intra-Afghan peace talks are up against multiple internal and external challenges. There has been a surge in Taliban attacks alongside increasingly conflicting views on the peace process within Afghanistan’s National Unity Government – reflected in the pro-Karzai and pro-Ghani camps. Read More »

One Threat a Day Keeps Accountability Away!

(Photo by ViewsWeek)

Controlling nepotism and corruption will encourage genuine economic resurgence, not one based on fudged statistics. The pursuit of accountability is a zero-sum game pursued without fear or favor, unfortunately political nuances, client-patron relationships and self-interest that go with it have been compromising its process. Read More »

Travels at the Expense of the National Exchequer

Pakistani government spent Rs638.27 million on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's  65 foreign tours. (Photo by Faisal Akram, Creative Commons License)

One official of Pakistani government shares his experience of how the country’s powerful ruling political elite abuse their position to enjoy undue perks in violation of laws of the land. Read More »