July 22, 2017

Climate Change Blamed for Pakistan’s Cotton Crop Failure

Cotton production dropped by 28% drop during 2015-16 caused by erratic weather and pest outbreaks (Photos by P M Baigel, photo via thethirdpole.net)

Erratic weather and over-reliance on GM seeds has resulted in a catastrophic year for the country’s cotton farmers, with worse set to come. Read More »

Mourning and Resistance in Kashmir

Anti-India banner at a protest rally in Srinagar, the  summer capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir. (Photo via Aljazeera video stream)

India cannot claim to be “the biggest democracy in the world” while refusing to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. If Scotland, Catalonia, and Crimea can vote to decide their own futures, so should Kashmir. Read More »

Will Pakistanis Resist a Coup the Turkish Way?

Turkish community demonstrating in London following a failed coup in Turkey. (Photo by Gordon, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan’s ruling elite fantasizes that Pakistani public, like in Turkey, will flood the streets in case of a military coup. But can the political realities of the two countries be really compared? Read More »

An Open Letter to Pakistan’s Interior Minister

(Photo by ViewsWeek)

Why should citizens feel safe if state agencies don’t adhere to the rule of law, particularly when their functionaries assume the role of robber barons and ask for a price? Read More »

A Proactive Foreign Policy

(Photo via video stream)

Self-interest motivates most friendships and partnerships, particularly between nations. Failing to take pro-active foreign policy initiatives, what can one expect from a political leadership who are mostly in London and Dubai for Umrah, Eid or for other reasons at a time when the country is undergoing serious domestic and external challenges? Read More »

Pakistan’s Richest Poor Man

Abdul Sattar Edhi  lived a simple and candid life. (Photo by junaidrao, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan lacks a unifying vision. Edhi provides a template for all that. Edhi must be etched into Pakistan’s curricula, its history books, and with July the 8th declared Charity Day. Read More »

Pakistan’s Biggest Dam Stymied by Land Dispute

The site of the Diamer Dam site on the Indus River. (Photo via thethirdpole.net)

A small area at the center of the dispute between two tribes and two provinces is critically delaying the Diamer Bhasha dam and the China-Pakistan economic corridor. Read More »

A Game-Changing Visit

Senator John McCain and other members of Congressional delegation meeting Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and top military leaders during a visit to the South Asian nation on July 2 in Rawalpindi. (Photo courtesy ISPR)

The US seems to view Pakistan through the “Afghanistan Prism” ever since Barack Obama became the US President Obama. Islamabad must create its own space to not only establish but cement its relevance to the US, otherwise the geo-political configuration of this region will continue to remain uncertain and undefined. Read More »

Pakistan: Intimidating the Judiciary

The Supreme Court of Pakistan's building in Islamabad. (Photo by ImposterVT, Creative Commons License)

Eliminating political and bureaucratic interference in the work of the law enforcement agencies aside, judicial activism must not cross the fail-safe line to US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ concept of “clear and present danger”. Read More »

Pakistan NAP(ing)!

(Photo via video stream)

Pakistan’s counter-terror and counter-radicalization drive requires strict enforcement of existing laws. Its ruling elite, including the bureaucracy, need to stop thinking in terms of stereotypes and rely more on indigenous ways of dealing with conflict and crime than on borrowed recipes. Read More »