July 27, 2017

Nobel Peace Prize Choice is Off The Mark

Malala Yousafzai World Bank photo

The Nobel Peace committee has failed to read the legend of Malala Yousafzai for what it’s worth. While it would be well-nigh impossible to fully configure her potential, the nearest anyone came to immortalizing her universal avatar was a banner in Nepal that read: “Every child’s sister, every parent’s daughter”. While this may be an emotional call even if well ... Read More »

India’s Central Asia Ambitions Outfoxed by China and Russia

Central Asia oil nd gas  USED

At present, Moscow has essentially shut India out from Kyrgyzstan after sending the first installments of a new US$1 billion military aid package to the country. This follows the strategic setback that India suffered in 2010 when it lost use of the Tajikistan Ayni airbase to Russia. And in the two larger, energy-rich nations of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, New Delhi ... Read More »

Neo-liberalism and Militancy in AfPak

Masked terrorists of Pakistani Taliban.

In Pakistan, over 24,000 containers carrying arms for NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan have been allegedly missing for the last four years or so, but the Coalition authorities are silent. From retired Pakistani army generals to serving bureaucrats and from politicians to the Taliban, beneficiaries of the scandal belong to powerful institutions. This seems the reason behind Pakistani media’s reluctance to ... Read More »

In Chaotic Hyperbole, Truth Loses in Pakistan-India Relations

Leepa Karnah Valley. The Line of Control (the disputed border between India and Pakistan) passes through the middle of the valley. (Photo by Umair Shafiq)

It was making a mountain out of a molehill. Both the (Indian) Army and the media were complicit in this: One deliberately and the other out of ignorance. The recent anti-infiltration operations in Keran sector which were declared over after two weeks on October 8 by the Chief of Army Staff, General Bikram Singh, in Delhi and the Northern Army ... Read More »

RSS’ Control of India’s BJP Party Violation of 1949 Promise

RSS leaders at a recent meeting in the Indian administered Kashmir. (Photo via RSS website)

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s constitution explicitly states that it will stay clear of politics. The constitution itself was written, in 1949, because Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would have it no other way. (RSS is a right-wing paramilitary Hindu nationalist group in India) The events of 2013 have comprehensively erased that part of India’s history. The RSS has taken full control of ... Read More »

Pakistani Militants’ Media Front

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.58.51 AM

  Militancy poses a serious threat to the security and stability of Pakistan. While the government and various state institutions are trying to respond in their own way and according to their own capacity, persistent ideological, political and operational ambiguities about the nature and level of militancy not only compound the problem but also add to its intensity. One critical ... Read More »

The Deft Politicking of Nepal’s Army

(Photo by Ingmar Zahorsky)

The fact that the army is the most powerful state organ in Nepal is fairly unremarkable. It is an established norm of most countries, especially a post-conflict state managing a difficult democratic transition to peace. The interesting aspect of the Nepalese Army (NA), however, is its limited public role in national politics. This stands in stark contrast to other militaries ... Read More »

A Bangladeshi Perspective on 1971 ‘War Crimes’

Demonstrators in Dhaka, Bangladesh, demanding death penalty for Abdul Kader Mollah and all other “war criminals” being tried by the “International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh” in February this year. Mollah was handed death sentence last month for his role in 1971 war. (Photo by M. Hasan, Creative Commons License)

  We are a severe critic of this government on many issues. But on the issue of holding war crimes trial we have no hesitation in saying that without the AL (Awami League party of prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid who also happens to be daughter of Bangladesh’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rehman) in power, and without Sheikh Hasina’s determined leadership, ... Read More »

Foreign Policy Not Glorious Legacy of Manmohan Singh

Foreign policy may not be the glorious legacy of India's octogenarian Prime Minister. (Photo via World Economic Forum)

  Foreign policy will not be among the glorious legacies that Manmohan Singh will leave behind. But that will not be for want of trying, although on many occasions he blundered badly. Ties with Pakistan remain strained, since he has been repeatedly outsmarted Coming at the tail end of his almost decade-long prime ministerial tenure, Mr Manmohan Singh’s trip to ... Read More »

Tugging At The Heart Strings

(Photo via Dawn.com)

  About half a kilometer (.3 miles) from Karachi’s famous Banaras Chowk, to the left side of Banaras Nullah, stands a tiny old shop. The exterior is far from impressive; the interior even less so. A small space has been cleared out on the floor to provide seating; two old exhaust fans are tied to the roof in place of ... Read More »