October 23, 2017

Book Review: Reporting Under Threat

According to Pakistani media organizations, over 100 journalists and media workers have been killed and more than 2,000 injured in the country since 2000. Reporting Under Threat highlights the dangerous conditions in which journalists operate in the South asian country and documents first-person testimonials of 57 media personnel from all over Pakistan and one from Afghanistan. Read More »

Remains of Hate in Sri Lanka

Many Sri Lankans do not recognize the extremist Bodu Bala Sena as embodying Buddhist values at all, but they are increasingly unwilling to speak out about their opposition to it. The only punitive action seems to have come from Facebook, which took the BBS page offline after a flood of complaints. Read More »

Nepal Struggles to Curb Craze for ‘Himalayan Viagra’

The rush to collect rare caterpillar fungus or ‘Himalayan Viagra’ has led to violent clashes and deaths since Nepal's government legalized the lucrative trade. Rising prices and soaring demand in recent years have driven a gold rush in mountainous regions. Yarsagumba fetches at least US$14,000 to US$16,000 per kilogram at the source and prices increase dramatically for traders further up the supply chain. Read More »

British by Birth, Shackled by Custom

When the notion of arranged marriage is firmly embedded in the psyche of the Asian communities, how can outlooks be revamped? The fear which haunts the South Asian communities is that unless a young girl born in the UK is married to someone from back home, she will eventually leave the cultural confines and become “Westernized.” Read More »

Afghanistan’s Unending Ballot Test

Millions of Afghans once again proved on June 14 – the day run-off elections for the country’s presidency were held – that despite terrorist threats and widespread low-level violence, they are vested in a democratic future.   However, the entrenched elites affiliated to the two contending camps backing Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani are at odds over ballot tallying, irregularities and procedural ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Hunger Challenge

Recent studies reveal rising inflation and unemployment creating high misery for people. Fueled by these adverse reports, food insecurity, poverty and malnutrition problems had again momentarily hit national headlines, as they periodically do before being quickly displaced by political scandals.   Measuring these problems in Pakistan is made difficult by competing concepts, definitions and measurement approaches. Food security represents “regular ... Read More »

Reclaiming Pakistan’s North Waziristan

The military operation in North Waziristan is only one dimension of the wider battle against militancy and violent extremism in Pakistan. The militant groups have strong networks across the South Asian country. For a long-term solution, Pakistan needs to develop a coherent and overarching counterterrorism strategy in order to strengthen the capacity of the civilian law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. Read More »

A Crucial Phase in Pakistan’s War Against Terrorism

Appeasement is not an option, terrorism cannot be wished away – and certainly not by good faith and misplaced logic when your brutal antagonists pursue their living by your deaths. There is only one solution to Pakistan's terrorist problem, and that is to eliminate it. Read More »

Pakistan’s Response to Terrorism: Will it Work?

Pakistan has launched the much-anticipated operation against Taliban and foreign militants in the North Waziristan tribal region. Aerial bombing of militant targets in regions close to the country’s border with Afghanistan has left dozens of militants dead. A ground military operation is also underway. But one analyst thinks that “targeted” military operations against terrorists may not be enough. The country, he says, needs a new and comprehensive socio-political narrative to educate the civil-military bureaucracy, media and judiciary about the primacy of the internal enemy and the need to build peace with, and diffuse, the external threat. Read More »

Pakistan Under Siege

Pakistan successfully foiled a terrorist attack on the country's largest airport. But the ten attackers, all of whom were killed, did succeed in highlighting the country's failure in winning the intelligence war, which holds the key to rooting out terrorism from its soil. Read More »