January 18, 2018

Who Are the Afghan Sikhs?

This little-known group have been leaving their home country in droves for decades. One of the biggest problems faced by Afghan Sikhs when trying to assert their rights is that Afghans regularly view them as immigrants from India. Read More »

Pakistan’s High Noon at Midnight

Nobody wants democracy to be derailed but neither can democracy persist in Pakistan in its present form. The protestors in front of the country’s parliament are going nowhere unless most of their demands are met, the Sharifs must face ground reality.  These last seven days have exposed Pakistan’s present facade of democracy for what it really is, a purchasable commodity available to the highest bidder.  Read More »

India’s Backdoor Hindu-Muslim Engagement

Those searching for signs of a fundamental shift in the RSS/Bharatiya Janata Party’s Muslim policy will be disappointed. But what is not in doubt is that there is an emerging view propagated by younger and more cosmopolitan leaders/activists who favor engaging Indian Muslims in a dialogue. To them this seems a good time to tap into Muslim disillusionment with the Congress and other secular parties. Read More »

Pakistan’s Deeply Unsettled Politics

Even if the Khan-Qadri duo are eventually pushed back, Nawaz Sharif’s image has suffered irreparable damage, the result of him having picked unnecessary fights with both the influential army and his political opponents. Read More »

On Pakistani Dramas and the Bangladeshi Mind

Pakistani television drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” became an instant hit amongst South Asian communities in North America. Never before had there been a TV series — South Asian in origin and made outside of India — so hugely popular amongst so many diverse South Asian communities. And yet, watching the serial making a mark on its viewers made me cynical, says one Bangladeshi analyst. Read More »

Guarding Pakistan’s Democratic Dispensation

The elements of national security cannot guard Pakistan’s democratic dispensation without adhering to the spirit and content of good governance. Read More »

Modi’s Nepal Yatra

Narendra Modi’s Nepal trip seemed to be personal, political and geopolitical, all rolled into one. The visit did gladden many Nepalis but left open the question as to how Modi plans to reach out to the other South Asian neighbors Read More »

A Pakistani QB VII?

In the best case scenario for Pakistan's former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary, even if he wins the case on technical legal grounds, he would in the process damage his own reputation and that of the institution he presided over. On moral grounds this battle has strong political overtones which damages the atmosphere in Pakistan when so many more important problems are on the cards. Read More »

US General’s Killing Raises Fears of Taliban Resurgence

The war in Afghanistan is largely forgotten in the West with all the attention on Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria and elsewhere, but it is far from over. And judging by the killing of General Greene, US involvement in Afghanistan will stretch over many years to come. Read More »

‘History Wars’ Set Ablaze Again in India

Controversial school books present an extremely contentious view of Indian history rooted in the ideology of Hindutva, the Hindu nationalist political movement — and sometimes propagate pure fantasy Read More »