June 29, 2017

Hate Speech and Intolerance

(Photo by looking4poetry, Creative Commons License)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has drawn global attention towards intolerance and racism that is unfolding in many European countries amid fierce debate over illegal immigrant workers who were heading towards the continent in search of a better future. Read More »

China to Sell Pakistan 110 JF-17 Combat Aircraft

JF-17 Thunder has yet to attract . (Photo by RA.AZ, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan will acquire 110 JF-17 Thunder aircraft from China as part of its efforts to revamp its combat aircraft fleet in the middle of a bloody campaign against Taliban extremists. Read More »

Why Nepal is So Prone to Earthquakes

A glimpse of devastation in Nepal after the April 25 devastating earthquake. (Photo by SIM Central and South East Asia, Creative Commons License)

The earthquake that struck Nepal was caused by the same forces that built the Himalayas, and science is helping predict where the next quake might strike. Read More »

Pakistan: Cybercrime, Security and Rights

(Photo by Intel Free Press, Creative Commons License)

Will fundamental rights matter if one, two or more states decided to intrude into an individual’s life for a terrorism-related inquiry? Most probably not because of a simple reason: terrorists operating across borders continue to abuse cyberspace and proliferate their toxic ideologies to enlist physical support for their causes. Read More »

Maldives: Democracy on Trial

President Mohamed Nasheed. (Photo vua Maldives presidency)

What the persecution of political rivals means for the Maldivian democracy Read More »

Pakistan: The China Crossroads

(Image via Pakistan China Institute)

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor will act as an economic force-multiplier for South Asia with India a major beneficiary connecting it across the land bridge of Pakistan with Central Asia and the Middle East. Read More »

Diminishing Returns from India’s Large Hydropower Projects

Construction of te Sardar Sarovar Dam. (Photo by International Rivers)

India is pushing for more large hydropower projects, even as existing dams grow increasingly inefficient. Read More »

Pakistan: Politicians Against Discrimination

For too long equal citizenry rights have been under attack in Pakistan. (Photo by  helen.2006, Creative Commons License)

The situation surrounding citizens at large, and the non-Muslim Pakistani citizens in particular, demands an immediate revision of the public school curricula and textbooks. Read More »

Why Pakistan Must Protect Saudi Arabia

Pakistan may deploy some of its troops in Saudi Arabia. (Photo by K. Aksoy, Creative Commons License)

Instead of being every few years as a nation up the creek without a paddle, Pakistan must clearly and unambiguously state its intention to protect Saudi Arabia by putting its “boots on the ground” in the Kingdom. Read More »

India: The Key is Technology, Not Money

"The prolonged delay over finalising the Rafale deal was reportedly over disputes about the role of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.” Picture shows Rafale jet fighters in the Dassault factory in Merignac near Bordeaux, France. (Photo by Mark Harkin, Creative Commons License)

If self-reliance in defense is India's stated goal, FDI is no solution. India must apply the same tools it did so successfully in space and nuclear science to acquire and develop military technology, argues one analyst. Read More »