April 30, 2017

India’s Abandoned Daughter

India daughter

The message of the Indian state is clear from its response to the documentary India’s Daughter. Rape is permissible and normal, but a film which is an insult to the nation state is taboo. When culture is under threat, the vulnerability of women, the obscenity and the banality of rape are inconsequential. Read More »

Pakistan and the Crucible of Terror

More than 55,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in acts of terrorism.

There is a formidable challenge in reversing the consequences of Pakistan’s flawed policies of ‘strategic depth’ and containing the contagion of religious radicalization. Until the government, and its entire security apparatus, drastically revises its strategic matrix, divorces itself from the radical groups it helped create and draws up an internal security strategy, it will find it hard to shake off the image that Pakistan is the crucible of terrorism. Read More »

Change of Heart in Pakistan-India Relations?

Foreign secretaries of Pakistan and India shake hands before formal talks in Islamabad. (Photo via Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Cooperation against terror might become the first step towards better ties between India and Pakistan. Read More »

Wishing Away India’s Culture of Rape

A Candle light march in Kolkata against the Delhi Rape Case. (Photo by Soumyaroop Chatterjee, CC License)

At a time when India needs an insight into the mind of a rapist in order to recalibrate its own institutional responses, the country is instead choosing an ostrich-like response — burying its head in sand. Read More »

The Small Islands Holding the Key to the Indian Ocean

The location of military bases in the Indian Ocean. This infographic was made alongside Joelle Tabak and Willem Cleven. (Image via MrDevlar, Creative Commons License)

Small islands dotting the Indian Ocean are emerging at the center stage of great power politics. Read More »

New Dynamics of Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

Afghan President Hamid Karzai at a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Islamabad, last November,

Islamabad must build on the unusual goodwill in Kabul to prove it is sincere in cooperating against terrorism. Read More »

Déjà Vu Bangladesh Model

Bangladesh riot police on guard during an opposition protest. (Photo by  Joe Athialy, Creative Commons License)

The current political unrest in Bangladesh is because the Army deviated from its mission statement because of personal greed and ambition. Reputedly a professional soldier, can General IK Bhuyian, COAS Bangladesh Army, stay aloof from the looming anarchy when it becomes a moral obligation to become the “saviors” of the State?  Read More »

Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean Games

(Image via The Sunday Leader)

Changes in Lankan leadership have precipitated a shift from a China-centric foreign policy towards a multilateral outlook. Read More »

India’s Relations with Iran, Israel

(Photo by Daniel Incandela, Creative Commons License)

India seems to have got the balancing act right in furthering bilateral relations with both Iran and Israel simultaneously. Both the countries hold a lot of strategic importance for India, economically and geopolitically, and with both nations willing to do business it is up to India to take these relations even further. Read More »

Pakistan: Scam and Sham

Bagh Ibne Qasim, Karachi. (Photo by Benny Lin, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan’s commercial hub and port city of Karachi needs drastic administrative and political changes to restore government’s writ on the city. Read More »