December 10, 2017

View from Bangladesh: The Hindu Dilemma

India’s recent decision to let Bangladeshi Hindus stay there indefinitely has made many people happy, but the move raises some tricky questions. Read More »

Pakistan: Spirits of 1965

Pakistan must take the Indian COAS Gen. Dalbir Singh’s threat of a “short, limited” war seriously and be prepared, even though war should be Islamabad’s last option. Read More »

Book Review: Cheegha — A Call from Waziristan

A fascinating account of life in one of the most turbulent regions of the world. Cheegha unlocks the many mysteries about North Waziristan and challenges the many perceptions about its people, culture, traditions and code of life. Read More »

Modi in a Muddle

India must realize that it cannot expect to live in peace while the neighborhood remains embroiled in conflict. Pakistan’s stability depends on a stable Afghanistan. And the same is true for stability in India and the region. Read More »

Pakistan: Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Taxation revenues will only improve if Pakistan uses its existing financial transaction mechanism laws properly, which will choke flow of funds for terrorist financing. The country has the laws, the need is to strengthen and implement them. Read More »

Pakistan: Reflections on KP Local Elections

This devolution of powers presents a golden opportunity to Pakistan’s Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province that will not only strengthen community-led local governments, but also help in the creation and monitoring of safe neighborhoods at the grassroots level. Read More »

India’s Naga Issue: ‘Historic’ is Still Some Way Away

Clarity of thought and brevity of expression are needed to work out a solution to the Naga issue. The government must refrain from claiming success until a final settlement is worked out and implemented for a problem that has lasted six decades Read More »

Pakistan Warming up to Russia

Moscow’s changing policy towards Pakistan may result in military deals and energy cooperation. Read More »

Delhi’s ‘Red Lines’ Hurting India-Pakistan Peace Process

The cancellation of NSA-level talks between India and Pakistan owing to new “red lines” drawn by the Modi government is disconcerting, writes one of top leaders of Jammu and Kashmir. Read More »

Solar Lamps Make Big Money for Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the first country to get UN climate funds to install home solar energy systems in villages off the electricity grid. Read More »