April 30, 2017

A Game-Changing Visit

Senator John McCain and other members of Congressional delegation meeting Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and top military leaders during a visit to the South Asian nation on July 2 in Rawalpindi. (Photo courtesy ISPR)

The US seems to view Pakistan through the “Afghanistan Prism” ever since Barack Obama became the US President Obama. Islamabad must create its own space to not only establish but cement its relevance to the US, otherwise the geo-political configuration of this region will continue to remain uncertain and undefined. Read More »

Pakistan: Intimidating the Judiciary

The Supreme Court of Pakistan's building in Islamabad. (Photo by ImposterVT, Creative Commons License)

Eliminating political and bureaucratic interference in the work of the law enforcement agencies aside, judicial activism must not cross the fail-safe line to US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ concept of “clear and present danger”. Read More »

Pakistan NAP(ing)!

(Photo via video stream)

Pakistan’s counter-terror and counter-radicalization drive requires strict enforcement of existing laws. Its ruling elite, including the bureaucracy, need to stop thinking in terms of stereotypes and rely more on indigenous ways of dealing with conflict and crime than on borrowed recipes. Read More »

The Politics Around NSG Membership

(Image via video stream)

Allowing India NSG membership will intensify the nuclear/strategic arms race in South Asia, undermine NSG’s credibility and will give India the legitimacy of a nuclear weapon state. Read More »

India’s Monroe Doctrine

Pak US flag

Aware of the Pakistani leadership’s inherent weakness subordinating the national interest to their greed and self-interest, the Americans have never really listened to what Chinese PM Chou En Lai told Kissinger in 1971 July during his ground-breaking historic trip to China, “do not forget the bridge (sic Pakistan) you have used, you may have to use it again”. Read More »

Why are Afghans Wary of Pakistan?

Tensions have been rising on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Two tweets and a letter from a friend include key lessons for Pakistan, which has seen simmering tensions on its border with Afghanistan. Read More »

Chahbahar And Gwadar

Delaram–Zaranj Highway in Zaranj, in the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan, near the border between with Iran.

With free trade zones and only 72 kilometers to be inter-connected by road and rail, Chahbahar and Gwadar are complementary instead of being in competition. Read More »

Debt Will Choke Pakistan

An inside view of Pakistan's National Assembly, which has repeatedly been criticized by Pakistani public for serving no more than an elite debating club.

The Pakistani predicament…stuffed lions and pompous, chest-beating heroes aplenty but no real leadership. The one hope is that the pressure coming from the Panama Leaks keeps being applied so that by the time of the next elections something cracks and new forces come to the fore. Otherwise its present course, spending way beyond its means, will lead the country to disaster. Read More »

London Anti-Corruption Summit 2016

(Photo via Cabinet Office, Creative Commons License, Creative Commons License)

Unless more pressure is applied to embrace full transparency in adopting a public central register of companies, including tax havens, the corruption and tax dodging exposed by the Panama Leaks, representing only 2% of the offshore companies registered in Panama, will continue undisturbed. Read More »

Allies or Antagonists

(US ambassador to Pakistan during a meeting with Pakistan's army chief General Raheel Sharif in Rawalpindi. (Photo via News International)

Is the Pakistan-US relationship strained and checkered because of the frustrations in Afghanistan, or is it a façade for something else? Read More »