March 23, 2017

India: The Problem of Secretive Tax Havens

Caudan waterfront in Port Louis, Mauritius.
(Photo by B.navez | Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons License)

Panama is a tax haven, but Mauritius is one with which India has a comprehensive double tax treaty. This complicates matters more. Read More »

View from India: Breakdown of Law and Media Trial

(Photo by Prachatai, Creative Commons License)

Two forms of nationalism emerging are emerging in India —an aggressive, dominating and capable of assaults while the second one being democratic and demanding the right to dissent. Read More »

Private Dam Builders Back Out of Brahmaputra Dams

The Brahmaputra flows from eastern Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh where 160 large dams are planned (Photo by Rita Willaert, via )

Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘dam rush’ seems to be over with most private players yet to start on the projects and asking the public sector to take over. Read More »

Do Lawyers Have the Right to Punish in India?

(Photo from video stream)

The assault on Kanhaiya Kumar by a group of lawyers is a reminder that some of the lawyers have tainted the image of the bar in India, writes one analyst. Read More »

View from New Delhi: Taxpayers and JNU Controversy

(Photo via FB post by Pashupati Nath)

Sections of Indian taxpayers will do well to pay attention to the huge waste of national resources going on under Prime Minister Modi's watch than targeting the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University for their opinion. Read More »

View from New Delhi: Attack on Freedom of Speech

JNU students protesting arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar in New Delhi. (Photo via video stream)

India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University had always been recognized for its democratic space and left politics. Arresting innocent students on criminal charges just because they were shouting ‘anti-national’ protests exposes the levels to which Modi government has stooped down to. Read More »

View from New Delhi: India’s Transgender Rights Debate

The Supreme Court of India

India has not been a universal beacon for minority-group freedoms. Transgendered people cannot be fully protected in India if their gender identity becomes illegal. Read More »

Modi’s Idea of India

(Photo by Narendra Modi, Creative Commons License)

Conflicting political, constitutional and ideological imperatives will continue to generate paradoxes. Read More »

India’s Military Relations with Israel Enter New Era

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting with his Israeli counterpart in September 2014. (photo via video stream)

The formal announcement of diplomatic relations of India with the State of Israel was established on January 29, 1992 when P.V. Narasimha Rao was the prime minister. Though, the seeds of this relationship were laid almost a decade back under the non-ideological guidance of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who had met his counterpart Shimon Pares during the annual UN General ... Read More »

Environmental Assessment for Kashmir Dam Breaks All Rules

The Baglihar dam has been built on river Chenab.  Photo by Surendra Pradhan  	  via ICIMOD]

A group of eminent people from across India have written of their concerns regarding the deeply flawed environmental impact assessment report for a new hydropower project in Jammu and Kashmir. Read More »