September 19, 2017

Afghanistan: A Perilous State of Denial

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani inspects a military guard of honor on arrival in the Pakistan capital city of Islamabad to attend the Heart of Asia Conference on November 8. (Photo via video stream)

It seems a vested interest in Kabul is united against the rest of the world, which would want all Afghans to join forces for ending the state of war. Scapegoating or externalizing problems never leads to solutions. Pakistan did so and suffered. Our Afghan friends should learn from this. Read More »

Nexus Between Corrupt Practices and Infidelity

(Photo by Chris Potter, Creative Commons License)

High level patronage networks in developing countries have allowed corruption to thrive and become pervasive.  This fosters criminal networks, waste, fraud, etc and has a debilitating effect on security. What is really dangerous is how corruption facilitates penetration of security screens. Read More »

What Ails Afghanistan?

Many Afghan observers believe that President Ashraf Ghani's authority is being challenged by former president Hamid Karzai and his cohorts. (Photo by UNAMA News, Creative Commons License)

Rather than blaming Pakistan for its every problem, Afghanistan needs to realize that its challenges originate from within the country. Read More »

Detoxification of Pak-Afghan Narratives

Will Pakistan and Afghanistan ever get to their ‘Good Friday Agreement’?

The Islamabad Declaration has emerged as a document of convergence for Pakistan and Afghanistan on many issues of mutual concern. The big challenge, however, is to ensure that these vows actually help in detoxing narratives and trumping geopolitics. Read More »

ISIL Poses a Threat to Afghanistan

(Photo via Iraqi News)

The ISIL is getting foothold in Afghanistan whose weak government has no counter-terrorism strategy to deal with the emerging threat, warns one Afghan analyst. Read More »

China Responds to Afghanistan’s Bloodiest Day

Afghan National Army recruits stand in formation during their graduation ceremony at the Kabul Military Training Center.  (Photo by US Army, Creative Commons License)

China’s ambassador promised training and equipment for Afghan forces. With peace talks faltering, will that be enough? Read More »

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: Will Narratives Change?

Protestors burn a poster of Pakistani politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman during a protest against his visit in June 2015. (Photo via video stream)

Ashraf Ghani finds himself pitched against deeply-entrenched beliefs about Pakistan in Afghanistan’s security establishment. Read More »

Afghanistan: Talks’ Endorsement

Afghanistan Helmandblog

Mullah Omar’s pro-talks message is a morale booster for Ghani. Read More »

Afghanistan: Strange Bedfellows

Abdul Rashid Dostum (l) and Governor Atta Mohammad Noor.

There are broad indications the newfound unity between the erstwhile foes — northern Balkh province’s Governor Atta Mohammad Noor and First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum — has been brought about by some regional powers to protect their interest in Afghanistan. Read More »

Beyond the Brazen Attack on Afghan Parliament

After concluding an intelligence pact with Pakistan, President Ashraf Ghani has lost much public support. (Photo by Fardin waezi/UNAMA, CC License)

The attack on the Afghan parliament was a grim reminder the militants are hard to vanquish on the battlefield. The spike in violence has put Afghanistan’s rag-tag security forces under more pressure than at any time in the past six months. Read More »