November 23, 2017

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Blockade

Will Islamabad see the patent reality that the road to Central Asia lies through Afghanistan? Read More »

Common Interests, Common Enemy

Pakistan and Afghanistan have no choice but to fight terror together. Read More »

Trauma and Afghan Journalists

Simple bravery is not enough for journalists to cope with trauma-like situation. Training is a must and the international community must come forward to help the Afghan journalists recover from the stress they face in the line of duty. Read More »

Pak-Afghan Relations — Why Not?

Bureaucratic egos and political motivations both in Pakistan and Afghanistan are adding complications to the already terse relations between the two neighbors. Read More »

Bad Goodbyes

Afghans have concerns over the future of refugee families and ties to Pakistan. Read More »

Sharbat Case: From Across Border

Sharbat Gula’s case offers Pakistan a chance to look at thousands of similar cases to avoid further embarrassment and prevent further damage to the bilateral relations. Read More »

Time to Change Your Proxy Settings

Pakistan’s politicians and government need to see through the smokescreen of terrorist acts and craft its own narrative on the proxy wars it faces, says one analyst, adding Islamabad also needs to start getting everyone on the same page when it comes to dealing with foreign skepticism of its counter-terror policies. Read More »

Can Afghanistan Offer ‘Other Indus’ Option to India Against Pakistan?

For India, the gains are many in terms of having a role in exploiting Afghanistan’s river systems entering Pakistan on its West and the East. But building these dams will be fraught with risk. Read More »

Pakistani Officials Call for Water Agreement with Afghanistan

Pakistan’s failure to reach an agreement with Afghanistan over shared rivers will worsen water problems at home, warn officials. Read More »

Pakistan-Afghan Relations: Mistrust and Misinformation

The rumors that followed the crash-landing of a Pakistani helicopter in Afghanistan point to deeper problems. Read More »