November 21, 2017

EU’s Election Debate on Immigration

Two themes seem likely to play a central role in the real debate in the 2014 European elections; jobs and immigration, and, of course, they’re linked. The immigration debate has shifted in recent months from economic migrants entering the EU illegally, and the absence of any common immigration policy; to concerns focused on free movement of labor, crystallized this month by ... Read More »

What Drives Anti-immigration Attitudes?

Results released last week from an international survey by UK-based research company, Ipsos MORI, found widely divergent levels of concern about immigration in the 19 countries surveyed.   In the UK, 43 percent of people identified immigration control as one of their country’s top three issues of concern, compared to 32 percent in Australia (the next highest), 15 percent in Sweden and ... Read More »

5 Immigration Laws Passed in an Election Year

Over the past few months, we have seen a slew of news stories predicting what will happen with immigration reform in 2014, after the Senate passed a strong bipartisan reform bill last year, but the House failed to act. While these analyses differ in their predictions, most agree that the path from bill to law becomes more difficult in an election year.   Yet if history is any ... Read More »

Recent Immigrant-Friendly Laws

“While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s moving ahead. I’m not waiting,” Governor Jerry Brown (D) said last year when he passed a series of state-level immigration laws to integrate his state’s undocumented population into American life. He wasn’t the only legislator who got tired of filling a gap left by Congress.   Other legislators took similar incremental steps to reform state and local laws ... Read More »

100 Immigration Judges May Retire in 2014

Immigrants may have to wait longer to have their cases heard in immigration courts in 2014. That’s because more than 100 immigration judges will be eligible for retirement next year and some may take the opportunity, according to the Associated Press.   As of 2013, 220 immigration judges presided over 59 immigration courts and they are still wading through a backlog ... Read More »

The Different Immigration Reform Visions

Five months ago, the Senate took a historic step toward enacting immigration reform with a path to citizenship by passing S.744 — the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act — with a bipartisan supermajority. Unfortunately, the House has still not brought immigration legislation to the floor. But while many have rushed to pronounce immigration reform “dead,” House leadership ... Read More »

Another County Passes Its Own Immigration Bill

While the House held hearings this week on whether President Obama (D) exceeded his executive powers on immigration policies and whether there are “bio signatures” in outer space (i.e., aliens), the most populous county in Washington state is forging ahead on an immigration-related bill to fill gaps left by Congressional inaction on immigration reform. Local council members in King County, Washington,  which covers Seattle, passed a measure by a slim ... Read More »

German Politics Finds its Immigrant Flavor

Germany left behind a federal election on Sept. 22. Approximately 44 million German citizens out of 62 million voters went to the ballot box, and re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel for the third time. The election was surprising to many as the Christian Democrats gained an unprecedented victory, the Greens and the Left party lost votes, and the Free Democrats failed to win seats in ... Read More »

Obama’s Undocumented Uncle Spared from Deportation

Onyango Obama, President Obama’s undocumented uncle, ducked deportation Tuesday (Nov 3), when a federal immigration judge allowed him to remain in the U.S. legally. Obama, 68, has been living in the U.S. for fifty years, but a 2011 drunk driving charge attracted the attention of immigration officials, who have been instructed by President Obama to prioritize criminal deportations. The president’s ... Read More »