November 21, 2017

USCIS Launches Virtual Assistant

Emma was developed in response to a growing interest in self-help tools and to enhance our customer service. Read More »

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Lessons from Turkey

The refugee crisis that just arrived in Europe has been affecting Turkey for more than four years. Read More »

Crisis in Context: The Global Refugee Problem

The current refugee crisis is international and cannot be viewed as merely a European or Middle Eastern problem. And there are many convenient excuses for inaction or doing too little, but this is no time to shirk the responsibility of our common humanity. Read More »

Can a Divided Europe Handle the Refugee Crisis?

Deaths at sea and a chaotic refugee influx reflect the failure of European Union leaders to settle on a common immigration policy, one of Italy’s top elected officials tells ProPublica. Read More »

European Church Leaders Want Visa-free Entry for Syrians, Iraqis

Five church organizations have called upon the EU and its member states to lifts visa requirement for Syrian and Iraqi nationals living in war zones. Read More »

DHS Announces TPS Designation for Yemen

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced the 18-month TPS for Yemen due to the ongoing armed conflict in that country. Read More »

Refugee Journeys: Two Eritreans in Sudan

Two young women reflect on their decision to flee Eritrea, a small state that produces one of the highest rates of asylum seekers in the world. Read More »

Immigrant Crisis Causes Outcry in Europe

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has responded to the public outcry over the immigration crisis by urging European leaders to show solidarity and resist the message of populist parties. Read More »

The Tragedy of Migrants in Austerity-hit Greece

Undocumented refugees fleeing conflict and poverty are most vulnerable to exploitation. Read More »

Immigration Advocates Celebrate TPS for Nepal

The New York-based Nepali community and immigration advocates are celebrating the designation of Nepal for Temporary Protected Status by the Department of Homeland Security. Many immigration advocates are joining hands to help eligible Nepali nationals in New York City to sign up for the TPS. Read More »