July 26, 2017

Republicans Fumble ACA Repeal: Expert Reaction

Speaker Paul Ryan informed President Trump that he could not get the American Health Care Act in the House. (Photo by Gage Skidmore CC license)

Trump cuts bait, Ryan loses his nerve – and the Obamacare repeal goes down without a vote. What's next for Congress and the GOP? Read More »

A Look at the House Health Care Plan

The new plan would allow the insurance companies to charge 30 percent more to a customer who wants to sign up for health care if that person does not have current coverage.  (VW photo)

The House Republican plan to replace Obamacare is consistent with many proposals that candidate Trump and others espoused. Yet key parts of it could favor the rich and hurt the poor and the aging. Read More »

Will Change in Medicaid Funding Work?

(Photo by rochelle hartman, CC license)

President Trump has proposed a major funding shift for Medicaid, the joint federal-state program that pays for health care for about 75 million poor people. Would the safety net fray if he did so? Read More »

Support for Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Insurance Plan Fades

(Photo by Sharon Sinclair, Creative Commons License)

According to a new opinion poll, 50 percent of Americans favor the single-payer health insurance plan idea of Senator Bernie Sanders, but the support is highly partisan: seven of 10 Democrats and two in 10 Republicans like it. Read More »

Oranges to the Rescue

(Photo by ViewsWeek)

Orange is not just an incredible source of vitamin C. Its benefits go way beyond its taste. Read More »

12 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

(Image by ViewsWeek)

You can lose weight in absolutely natural way, if you become more imaginative about your eating habits and start exercising. Here are 12 foods that can help you shed those unwanted pounds faster. Read More »

Pakistan: Polio, Politics, Polemics & Personal Profit

(Photo via Gates Foundation, Creative Commons License)

A fast resurgent polio virus has turned Pakistan into a “polio comfort zone” and is evoking fears of its export worldwide but Islamabad’s efforts remain bureaucratic and confusing, lacking effective leadership. Read More »

Chances of Ebola Spreading in New York City Low

(Photo by The All-Nite Images, Creative Commons License)

There is reason to be optimistic that the disease will not spread and the people of New York City will be safe. Read More »

Liberians in US Face Worsening Ebola Stigma

In better times - market in Little Liberia selling food items from home. (Photo by Bobby Digi via IRIN)

There seems a growing perception in the U.S. that anyone of African descent may be carrying Ebola. And whether that person visited any of the affected countries in Africa recently appears to be of little relevance.  Read More »

4 Reasons Why A Travel Ban Won’t Solve the Ebola Crisis

(Photo by Matt Hintsa, Creative Commons License)

Banning flights from Ebola-stricken countries sounds like a logical step to contain the spread of an outbreak that’s been spiraling out of control in West Africa for months. But the policies that give people a sense of security aren’t always the ones that get the best results from a global health perspective. Read More »