August 17, 2017

When The Water Runs Dry, The Ideas Flow

Dry earth in the desert plains of the Danakil depression in northern Ethiopia. For generic use, keywords: drought, famine, dry. (Photo by Siegfried Modola/IRIN)

STOCKHOLM: Droughts are rarely seen as a positive development. Historically equated with divine punishment, they can be fatal to local economies and human lives alike. But they can also provide a crucial test for water management systems, which – when they function effectively – may allow regions to shake off severe droughts that would have otherwise led to widespread loss ... Read More »

Difference Between Water Scarcity and Drought

Tanda dam in the outskirts of Kohat City in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. The small dam serves as lifeline for many downstream rural communities. (Photo by Raza Khan)

Water scarcity and drought are two interrelated but distinct concepts. Despite widespread recognition of the important differences between the two concepts, there is no scientific agreement about the precise definitions of the terms water scarcity and drought. Read More »