March 26, 2017

ISIS, Turkey and Oil – The Bigger Picture: Interview With Pelicourt

(Photo by Giusi Barbiani, Creative Commons License)

Turkey's game of playing all sides in the balance of power game is difficult to sustain. The downing by Turkey of a Russian jet conducting air strikes over northern Syria is just the first move in the new phase of this game, and analysts should probably start looking at ISIS oil sales to Turkey in their examinations of why Turkey downed a Russian jet at a time when the Russians were specifically targeting ISIS-controlled oil facilities and tankers. Read More »

Time to Transform the Eastern Mediterranean

The genuine prospect of Cypriot reunification could serve as a political pivot to the EU. Pictured: Northern Cyprus. (Photo by greenacre8, Creative Commons License)

The massive resources available in the Eastern Mediterranean offer the prospect of employment and stability. The pursuit of common interests could unlock enormous untapped potential in the region. Read More »

Why Europe Will Let Member States Opt out of GM Crops

(Photo by Holger Prothmann, Creative Commons License)

Why are half of European Union members opting out of GMO crops? Hint: it's not about food and environmental safety. Read More »

Oil Jobs Lost: Texas Likely to See Massive Layoffs Soon

Texas is one of the hardest-hit states where oil industry lost more than 56,000 jobs. (Photo by Robert Couse-Baker, Creative Commons License)

Oil and gas companies have laid off more than 250,000 workers around the world, a tally that will rise if oil prices remain in the dumps. Read More »

Facing up to the Long-term Fiscal Challenges

(Photo by Anders Sandberg, Creative Commons License)

The great recession left nearly all advanced economies with substantially higher debt-to-GDP ratios and in many cases with lingering economic weakness that further complicates short-term efforts at fiscal consolidation. But the longer-term challenges the Western economies face are in many cases related to the future fiscal challenge of growing primary deficits. Read More »

Saudis Planning a War of Attrition with Russia’s Oil Industry

(Photo by olle svensson, Creative Commons License)

Saudi Arabia could be playing a longer game, intensifying its market share strategy by encroaching on Russia's traditional market in Europe. An increase in Saudi oil flowing to Europe threatens to undermine Russia's principle market. Read More »

Political Climate Shifting Against the Oil and Gas Industry

(Photo by  Terry Chapman, Creative Commons License)

The political and financial winds are moving in the wrong direction for the oil and gas industry, raising more "above ground" problems at a time that they can ill-afford it. Read More »

Mongolia’s Rocky Travails of Mineral Wealth

(Photo by Bernd Thaller, Creative Commons License)

If investors and politicians follow only profit motives and their short-term interests, mineral wealth will easily accelerate the ongoing institutional decay in Mongolia’s democracy even though the commodities boom is likely to peak in the coming years. Read More »

Oil Megaprojects Won’t Stay on the Shelf for Long

Oil rigs in Galveston, Texas. (Photo by IIP Photo Archive, Creative Commons License)

The International Energy Agency sees North American shale peaking towards the early part of the 2020s and declining thereafter. By the 2020s, the world will once again be dependent on traditional sources of supply – largely from the Middle East. But for new sources of supply that are not state-owned, the industry may have to shift back to the mega deepwater projects that they are beginning to shun today. Read More »

Stop Blaming OPEC for Low Prices

(Photo by Mike Mozart, Creative Commons License)

U.S. production is now down by about 500,000 barrels per day since April. Oil prices will rise over the next year or so as U.S. shale is forced to cut back. That adjustment – high-cost suppliers forced out – is how markets are supposed to work. Read More »