September 19, 2017

OPEC, Get Ready for the Second U.S. Oil Boom

(Photo by Tim Whitlow, Creative Commons License)

A technological revolution spurred the U.S. oil boom that resulted in the greatest increase in domestic oil production in a century, and while that has stuttered in the face of a major oil price slump and an OPEC campaign to maintain a grip on market share, the American response could be another technological revolution that demonstrates that the first one was merely an impressive embryonic experiment. Read More »

Now is a Good Time to Pick Up Some Oil Stocks

The number of oil rigs operating in the United States has quadrupled under President Obama. (Image via Photo via Nancy Palosi/Flickr)

If demand in China continues to weaken or if the Greek tragedy drags Europe and the rest of the world into the mire, then energy stocks would be hard hit. That is why protecting positions with stop loss orders is essential if you buy into the sector here. Read More »

Don’t Panic, Nothing Has Really Changed in the Oil Markets

(Photo by Tim Evanson, Creative Commons License))

Demand for oil is heading towards record levels both internationally and in the U.S. The Greek issue is not new and it has not changed. It is just popular now as deadlines are pushed. It will fade and its drag on oil prices will ease. Read More »

Consolidation in the Oil Industry Likely

(Photo by Nestor Galina, Creative Commons License)

The revival of the US oil industry will occur after the upcoming consolidation and will reduce the number of cost inefficient players as well as the short selling in group while ultimately, self-healing the industry by improving cash flows, given the likelihood of oil remaining below $100. Read More »

The Dark Side of the Shale Bust

Shale gas pipelines in Pennsylvania. (Photo by Max Phillips/Jeremy Buckingham MLC, Creative Commons License)

The shale oil bust may not turn to boom again anytime soon, but with WTI crude oil now in the $60 territory, many are hoping the worst is over. Read More »

New Innovation Will Help US Companies Win the Oil Price War

(Photo by Engineering at Cambridge, Creative Commons License)

A new wave of innovation is hitting the oil patch, allowing for a significant reduction in drilling costs. If efficiency gains continue at this pace, the US may weather the onslaught of Saudi oil much better than many expected. Read More »

A Fossil-Fueled Fantasy

A coal-fired power plant in Wyoming. (Photo by Greg Goebel, Creative Commons License)

Coal-burning power plants that capture carbon aren’t worth the expense. Read More »

Are US Drillers Actually Making A Comeback?

Shale gas well, Pennsylvania USA. (Photo by Image Library, Creative Commons License)

The US oil rig count has plummeted since October 2014, falling from 1,609 down to 668 as of May 8. If oil companies oscillate between cutting back and adding more rigs as the price of oil bobs above and below the $60 mark, they won’t exactly be raking in the profits. Read More »

Why the US Should Worry About Oil Sector Jobs

Photo by Pete Markham, Creative Commons License)

Unfortunately, as helpful as the energy sector was in buoying the U.S. during the Recession of 2008, the energy sector may now hold down the economic expansion just as the economy is starting to pick up steam. Read More »

Oil Price War May Benefit Both US Shale and Saudi Arabia

(Photo by London Permaculture, Creative Common License)

Who will win the oil price battle, Saudi Arabia or US capitalism and shale producers? Probably both; US oil producers are taking unparalleled steps to lower their costs. By the same token, Saudi Arabia is the king of the oil markets for a reason – geologically it is essentially the perfect oil producer Read More »