May 23, 2017


Bangladesh Starts Contract Farming in Africa

(Photo via The Financial Express)

Bangladesh is turning to Africa to grow food to feed its population. Bangladeshi companies have acquired more than 80,000 hackers land for ‘contract farming’ in Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania in recent months. Read More »

Private Dam Builders Back Out of Brahmaputra Dams

The Brahmaputra flows from eastern Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh where 160 large dams are planned (Photo by Rita Willaert, via )

Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘dam rush’ seems to be over with most private players yet to start on the projects and asking the public sector to take over. Read More »

Trump’s Winning Streak Reveals Bigotry’s Appeal in GOP

(Photo by Michael Vadon, Creative Commons License)

Nevada gave Trump his third victory and a widening lead over his GOP rivals. It's not his conservative values winning votes. Read More »

Travels at the Expense of the National Exchequer

Pakistani government spent Rs638.27 million on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's  65 foreign tours. (Photo by Faisal Akram, Creative Commons License)

One official of Pakistani government shares his experience of how the country’s powerful ruling political elite abuse their position to enjoy undue perks in violation of laws of the land. Read More »

Great Guns

(File photo)

What does Pakistan need these F16s for? And why is the Obama administration ready ignore protests by India, which the US president had so far been calling a natural ally? Does it really reflect a new sense of justice towards Pakistan by a hitherto-skeptical United States? And what did India really want to achieve by publicly sharing its displeasure? Read More »

Pakistan: CPEC Security Challenges

A road construction site near Balochistan's city of Turbat. (ViewsWeek photo)

Some countries consider China Pakistan Economic Corridor a strategic threat to their military and economic interests and pervasive influence in the region. Read More »

Afghanistan: New Negotiator

Afghanistan's new point man for peace negotiations with Taliban. (Photo via video stream)

Being a pragmatic politician, the new head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani is fully conscious of popular aspirations for stability in the country. Under no circumstance can he afford to allow a recurrence of tactical failures that often lead to strategic defeat. Read More »

IMF Reform Agenda Good News for Asia

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde holds a press conference April 16, 2015 at the IMF Headquarters in Washington, DC. (IMF Staff Photo/Stephen Jaffe, Creative Commons License)

The global financial safety net needs reform. It is too small, too fragmented and too unresponsive. Reforming the safety net would benefit the Asian region provided the IMF takes a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of this fragmentation. Read More »

Do Lawyers Have the Right to Punish in India?

(Photo from video stream)

The assault on Kanhaiya Kumar by a group of lawyers is a reminder that some of the lawyers have tainted the image of the bar in India, writes one analyst. Read More »

Thousands of Americans Could Face Hunger

(Photo by Tasha, Creative Commons License)

Policymakers must take action to preserve access to nutrition assistance. Read More »