August 21, 2017


Your Devices Can Spy on Your Every Move

(Photo via ViewsWeek)

Bad guys or law enforcement could hack into our networked gadgets to spy on everything we do – and it's not clear how a laptop's video camera or an Amazon Echo fits within wiretapping laws. Read More »

‘Panamanian’ Epidemic

Pakistan is headed to political turbulence as opposition parties are flexing their muscles to pressurize Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign after his family's name emerged in Panama papers. (Via PTI's Facebook page)

With the camouflage of democracy being openly used to deliberately criminalize society, should one blindly but selectively adhere to the “Constitution” in which corruption does not matter, asks one Pakistani analyst about the emerging political crisis in the South Asian nation following emergence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family name in the Panama leaks. Read More »

Lithium War Heats Up After Epic Launch of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3. (Photo via video stream)

The electric car is no longer elite. Now it’s for the masses, and the masses will need more lithium than we can currently get our hands on. It’s a wide-scale energy revolution that will end being the first nail in the coffin for fossil fuels and the heralding of a new era of lithium, the “white petroleum”. Read More »

Resilient Midwestern Cities Improving Equity in a Changing Climate

Chicago skyline from a green rooftop. (Photo by  Josh Koonce, Creative Commons License)

Faced with growing risks of flooding, heat-related deaths, and poor air and water quality; skyrocketing energy bills; and costly damage to homes and infrastructure, some Midwestern city officials and community advocates are taking steps to improve their cities’ resilience to the effects of climate change. Read More »

Climate Change: Indus’ Palla Fish Spawning Grounds Vanishing

(Photo by Chaudhry Khawar, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan is losing a living heritage, as climate change and dams upstream have led to lack of enough water in the Indus for the famous Palla fish to swim upstream and spawn. Read More »

A Decisive New York Primary for the Clintons – Again

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The story of New York's 1992 Democratic primary -- when another Clinton beat another left wing candidate with the help of another Cuomo. Read More »

Will Sri Lanka Overcome its Economic Woes?

government’s populist posture prevented it from implementing any structural reforms to expand the tax base or end its generous subsidy regime, resulting in a massive debt burden. (Photo by Adam Jones, Creative Commons License)

It appears that Sri Lanka is in for some tough negotiations with the IMF. It has to address the structural issues, bring in financial reform to expand the tax base, reduce unnecessary expenditure and address the budget deficit. And it must do all these in a difficult political climate. Read More »

Pakistan: Targeting Illegal Money

(ViewsWeek photo)

Those having the power in Pakistan to correct things must not sit on the Constitutional fence anymore, they either face up to their moral obligations or gracefully give way to others who can. Read More »

CPEC: Paradoxical Approaches

Awesome View of Makran coastal Highway Near Buzi Pass Balochistan, Pakistan. (Photo by junaidrao, Creative Commons License)

Are Pakistanis taking a whole-of-government approach to coordinate counterterrorism and counter-radicalization strategies? Actions under the National Action Plan and its anti-terrorism operation are impressive, but where is the long-term strategy to replace hard power with the soft power of the state? Read More »

Tesla, Other Tech Giants Scramble for Lithium as Prices Double

(Photo by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine
Follow, Creative Commons License)

Driven by the rise of battery gigafactories and game-changing Powerwall and energy storage businesses, the world now finds itself at the beginning of a lithium super cycle that is all about securing new supply, much of which is poised to come from lithium superstar Argentina. Read More »