June 22, 2017


Why We Have the Most Polarized Supreme Court in History

US Supreme Court building. (Photo by Envios, Creative Commons License)

You're not imagining it: the Supreme Court has gotten more polarized politically than in years past, thanks to fewer moderates in the Senate. Read More »

Pakistan: The Mustafa Kamal Factor

Karachi is Pakistan's commercial hub. Political violence in the city has adversely impacted its economy for years. (Photo by damian entwistle, Creative Commons License)

Being central to the economics of Pakistan, peace in Karachi means prosperity in the country, Karachi is vital ground!   How would “the great silent majority” of Pakistanis chose between Altaf Hussain and Mustafa Kamal to restore peace to Karachi and to its former pristine economic glory is yet to be seen. Read More »

Breaking Sri Lanka’s Economic Gridlock

Despite growing signs of economic stress on multiple fronts policy attention has stayed stubbornly focused on politics since the presidential elections in January 2015. (Photo by McKay Savage, Creative Commons License)

The sharp drop in oil prices is helping to turn around Sri Lanka’s external current account, but remittance earnings are being hit hard, while export earnings remain in negative territory. The impact of global developments is only one side of the story. More compelling is the government’s capitulation to reform inertia. Read More »

Pakistan-India Intelligence Cooperation: A Game Changer?

Border gates at Pakistan-India border near Lahore.  (Photo by Owen Lin, Creative Commons License)

The exchange of information between the Indian and Pakistani national security advisers begs a major question; if this can happen, why cant it happen between the two in Afghanistan? Can such an interaction translate into a game changer for all the three countries? Read More »

The Kaesong’s Woes on the Korean Peninsula

A view of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. (Photo by Wiki Commons)

The closure of the Kaesong Industrial Complex has virtually revived the Cold War between the two Koreas. Tensions are likely to escalate on the Korean Peninsula in the days ahead. Read More »

Are China and the EU on a Collision Course?

Workers rights protests in Strasbourg, France. (Photo by The S&D Group in the European Parliament, Creative Commons License)

The future of the EU–China trade relationship will be substantially impacted by a debate over whether China should be granted ‘market economy status’ (MES) this year. Read More »

What Trumpism Means for Democracy

(Photo by Michael Vadon, Creative Commons License)

American democracy has been failing for decades, so a disturbing number of us are turning to authoritarianism. Is Trump our Juan Perón? Read More »

Historical Baggage at Kabul Airport

A view of Kabul International AIrport. (Photo by k t, Creative Commons License)

A Pakistani parliamentarian’s experience at Kabul airport reveals the deep mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Read More »

The Needy and the Greedy

Many in the Pakistani elite have purchase expensive properties in many global cities such as London, Dubai and beyond, using their ill-gotten wealth. Properties around London's Hyde Park is one such dream destination of this eleite. (Photo by  Elliott Brown, Creative Commons License)

When establishing the rule of law becomes the domain of those who live outside the rule of law, accountability becomes a figment of imagination. When criminals function in the name of justice, justice becomes a crime. Read More »

Super Tuesday Sets Stage for a Trump vs Clinton Showdown

ViewsWeek image via CC license photos by LeStudio1- 2016 and Marc Nozell)

We are moving toward a general election that could be even more divisive than the primaries. Read More »