April 24, 2017


NYC is King of Presidential Contributions

(Photo by Tony Webster, Creative Commons License)

New Yorkers poured more cash into presidential politics last year than residents of any other American metro area. With nearly $66 million donated to Republican and Democratic candidates’ campaigns and the outside groups like super PACs backing them, the city was the candidates’ top source of both direct campaign contributions and super PAC funds. Read More »

Europe’s Other Russia ‘Problem’

A vicinity of Moscow's famous Red Square. (Photo by Dennis Jarvis, Creative Commons License)

Russia’s economy continues to die a slow death, and is forecasted to contract even further this year. Europe must shine a spotlight on Russian business practices that threaten to have a global impact. Read More »

A New Hotbed of Terror in Eastern Afghanistan

(Courtesy Google maps)

The ideological synergy among the Afghan Taliban and Pakistani terrorists in eastern Afghanistan represents a formidable threat, and demands extraordinary action by both Afghanistan and Pakistan to confront it. Read More »

Pakistan’s Terror-Stricken Province’s Textbooks Need a Review

(Screenshot from KP Textbook Board website)

A review of textbooks being taught in public schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province offers food for thought to all those who dream of a Pakistani youth raised on ideals of diversity, inclusion, and respect for human and women rights. It also points out how little the textbooks offer in terms of inducing critical and analytical thinking among students. Read More »

If Football is Deadly, Why Do We Still Watch?

(Photo by Kevin Jones, Creative Commons License)

The evidence that football leads to brain injury is mounting, but there are two big reasons why it's not likely to change anytime soon. Read More »

View from New Delhi: India’s Transgender Rights Debate

The Supreme Court of India

India has not been a universal beacon for minority-group freedoms. Transgendered people cannot be fully protected in India if their gender identity becomes illegal. Read More »

Modi’s Idea of India

(Photo by Narendra Modi, Creative Commons License)

Conflicting political, constitutional and ideological imperatives will continue to generate paradoxes. Read More »

Are the Media Killing the New Hampshire Primary?

New Hampshire Primary - Illustration. (Photo by DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons License)

For 100 years, retail politics has ruled the New Hampshire primary. We may be seeing a new dynamic emerge in 2016. Read More »

‘False Flag’ Operations

India Pakistan border at Wagah. (Photo by Koshy Koshy, Creative Commons License)

Can India and Pakistan afford to be held hostage to the evil designs of non-State actors or even motivated “State” ones? Read More »

Russia Cries Dyadya (Uncle), Is Saudi Arabia Listening?

(Photo by Tim Evanson, Creative Commons License)

Intensifying financial pressures on Russian energy companies, Saudis and their Gulf Arab allies might be tempted to decide to maintain pressure on prices and force Russia to absorb the cuts necessary to balance the global crude markets. Read More »