October 21, 2017


A Very Brazilian Coup

Brazil's elites can't win an election, but they can engineer an impeachment. Read More »

Trump and the Future of US Power in the Pacific

Donald Trump’s scapegoating, zero-sum economic policies, threats to extort close allies over the continuation of the US forward deployment and his radically laissez-faire approach to nuclear diplomacy, will not only ultimately fail to address Americas’ grievances but also risks the future of the US as a Pacific and global power. Read More »

London Anti-Corruption Summit 2016

Unless more pressure is applied to embrace full transparency in adopting a public central register of companies, including tax havens, the corruption and tax dodging exposed by the Panama Leaks, representing only 2% of the offshore companies registered in Panama, will continue undisturbed. Read More »

3 Years of Painful Cuts Sets Markets Up for Oil Supply Crunch

Oil prices are entering a “sweet spot” — a range between $50 and $60 per barrel that could finally be good for the global economy – low enough to provide consumers with a bit of a stimulus, but high enough to keep the industry and capital spending afloat. Read More »

Allies or Antagonists

Is the Pakistan-US relationship strained and checkered because of the frustrations in Afghanistan, or is it a façade for something else? Read More »

Security Risks in the Age of Smart Homes

Smart home technologies have some major security weaknesses that better design and programming could solve. Read More »

Responding to Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

The gloomy short-term economic forecast is bound to test the strength of Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition. In managing painful economic reforms, the government’s hard work is only beginning. Read More »

Pakistan: Neither Run Nor Hide

Theoretical initiatives overwhelmed mostly the practical aspects of combatting corruption. But the “Panama Papers” has drastically changed the anti-corruption landscape, says one analyst. Read More »

Think Beyond Oil And Gold: Interview With Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock

No one really knows where oil will be around Christmas. While we may have already seen the bottom, stock prices are not the bargain they were. Read More »

Raising the Social Security Retirement Age is a Bad Idea

As the gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest Americans continues to widen, now is the time to expand and strengthen Social Security, not cut it. Read More »