June 22, 2017


Meet Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister

Theresa May. (Photo by Policy Exchange, Creative Commons License)

After the party leadership contest came to an abrupt end, the home secretary is to become the country's second woman leader. Read More »

A Game-Changing Visit

Senator John McCain and other members of Congressional delegation meeting Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and top military leaders during a visit to the South Asian nation on July 2 in Rawalpindi. (Photo courtesy ISPR)

The US seems to view Pakistan through the “Afghanistan Prism” ever since Barack Obama became the US President Obama. Islamabad must create its own space to not only establish but cement its relevance to the US, otherwise the geo-political configuration of this region will continue to remain uncertain and undefined. Read More »

Pakistan: Intimidating the Judiciary

The Supreme Court of Pakistan's building in Islamabad. (Photo by ImposterVT, Creative Commons License)

Eliminating political and bureaucratic interference in the work of the law enforcement agencies aside, judicial activism must not cross the fail-safe line to US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ concept of “clear and present danger”. Read More »

What Will Brexit Mean for Africa?


Britain's decision to leave the EU will fundamentally affect Africa's relationship with UK in a way that will be damaging to all. Read More »

Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election

Bittersweet result of the coalition led by Pablo Iglesias in elections in Spain. (Photo Adolfo Lujan, Creative Commons License)

The 2016 vote may have been a disappointment to Spain's insurgent progressives. But they've proven they're here to stay. Read More »

Pakistan NAP(ing)!

(Photo via video stream)

Pakistan’s counter-terror and counter-radicalization drive requires strict enforcement of existing laws. Its ruling elite, including the bureaucracy, need to stop thinking in terms of stereotypes and rely more on indigenous ways of dealing with conflict and crime than on borrowed recipes. Read More »

The Politics Around NSG Membership

(Image via video stream)

Allowing India NSG membership will intensify the nuclear/strategic arms race in South Asia, undermine NSG’s credibility and will give India the legitimacy of a nuclear weapon state. Read More »

Brexit: Europe’s New Nationalism is Here to Stay

(Photo by Paul Lloyd, Creative Commons License)

The UK may be the first country to leave the EU but it may not be the last. All across the continent, euro skepticism is offering a new outlet for old feelings. Read More »

More Work Needed to Increase DACA Applications from AAPIs

(Photo by Steve Rhodes, Creative Commons License)

The unauthorized Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the US is large and diverse, and it is imperative that these immigrants’ stories, struggles, and aspirations are met with concern and resources. Read More »

Kyrgyzstan’s Self-Defeating Conflict With Moderate Islam

(Photo by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Creative Commons License)

The state’s clash with a well-respected Muslim leader will only encourage true radicalization in the country. Read More »