March 23, 2017


A Decisive New York Primary for the Clintons – Again

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License)

The story of New York's 1992 Democratic primary -- when another Clinton beat another left wing candidate with the help of another Cuomo. Read More »

Will Sri Lanka Overcome its Economic Woes?

government’s populist posture prevented it from implementing any structural reforms to expand the tax base or end its generous subsidy regime, resulting in a massive debt burden. (Photo by Adam Jones, Creative Commons License)

It appears that Sri Lanka is in for some tough negotiations with the IMF. It has to address the structural issues, bring in financial reform to expand the tax base, reduce unnecessary expenditure and address the budget deficit. And it must do all these in a difficult political climate. Read More »

Pakistan: Targeting Illegal Money

(ViewsWeek photo)

Those having the power in Pakistan to correct things must not sit on the Constitutional fence anymore, they either face up to their moral obligations or gracefully give way to others who can. Read More »

CPEC: Paradoxical Approaches

Awesome View of Makran coastal Highway Near Buzi Pass Balochistan, Pakistan. (Photo by junaidrao, Creative Commons License)

Are Pakistanis taking a whole-of-government approach to coordinate counterterrorism and counter-radicalization strategies? Actions under the National Action Plan and its anti-terrorism operation are impressive, but where is the long-term strategy to replace hard power with the soft power of the state? Read More »

Tesla, Other Tech Giants Scramble for Lithium as Prices Double

(Photo by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine
Follow, Creative Commons License)

Driven by the rise of battery gigafactories and game-changing Powerwall and energy storage businesses, the world now finds itself at the beginning of a lithium super cycle that is all about securing new supply, much of which is poised to come from lithium superstar Argentina. Read More »

The Offshore World

Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is coming under increasing pressure from the opposition parties to resign over his family's offshore accounts which were never declared before. (Photo by DFID - UK Department for International Development
Follow , Creative Commons License)

A through and a transparent investigation is essential to weed out financial corruption across the board in Pakistan and to clear the record of the Sharif family. Read More »

Deafening Silence from Ethiopia

(Photo by, Creative Commons License)

The Ethiopian government is cracking down on journalists and NGOs. Where's the outrage from the international community? Read More »

Are Poor Societies Stuck with Dictators?

Inked after voting in South Africa's 4th democratic elections. (Photo by Darryn van der Walt, Creative Commons License)

A classical political science debate focuses on whether democracy is dependent on development. The director of the Electoral Integrity Project revisits the issue using new data from African elections. Read More »

The United States of Flint

(Photo by Michigan Municipal League, Creative Commons License)

Our outdated infrastructure will fall apart if we don't invest in repairing it — that's just physics. Read More »

Pakistan: Corruption is Treason

Pakistani prime minister's secretariat in Islamabad from where Prime Minister runs his embattled government.

When democracy with a flawed electoral process is deliberately used to camouflage the criminalizing of society, should one give blind adherence to the Constitution while it is being subverted blatantly by the greedy rulers? Read More »