September 20, 2017


Shutdown: Republicans’ 21 Demands

Official House Republican Conference photograph. (Photo by Republican Conference, Creative Commons License)

  This article was published by the Center for American Progress Action. Since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2011, they have repeatedly attempted to use the prospect of a government shutdown or a debt default as leverage. A shutdown would furlough close to a million federal workers and cut off essential services for millions more Americans, while a default ... Read More »

Shutdown: President’s Message to The Military

(Photo by by Porchlife, Creative Commons License)

Obama reassures military: You will be paid during shutdown (via Raw Story ) As the deadline passed to avert a shutdown of U.S. government operations, President Barack Obama’s administration released a video message to military service members in combat situations and Department of Defense (DOD) staffers reassuring them that… Read More »

Don’t Like The Shutdown? Blame The Constitution

The west front of the U.S. Capitol as seen from side of the House of Representatives on the eve of government shutdown. (Photo by by Phil Roeder, Creative Commons License)

  This article was published by the Center for American Progress Action. A little more than two years ago, Canada faced a budget fight much like the one facing the United States today. Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose party controlled a plurality but not a majority of the seats in Canada’s parliament, proposed a budget that was unacceptable to the opposition ... Read More »

Guarded Optimism in India, Pakistan over Singh-Sharif Summit

Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and Mian Nawaz Sharif at their meeting in New York on September 29. (ViewsWeek photo)

  Media in India and Pakistan is carefully welcoming the September 29 meeting between Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Dr Manmohan Singh in New York. The guarded optimism in newspaper editorials is touching the limits of skepticism. A review of the editorials of leading dailies of the two countries reveals some identical views on the summit outcome. Newspapers on either ... Read More »

Understanding The Terrorism Tripod

A view of burning cars after powerful explosions rocked Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar on September 29, killing 41 people. It was the third terrorist attack in the city in one week killing more than 140 people. (Photo off video stream)

  Capital suggestion Insurgency cannot do without physical terrain – terrain that insurgents can call home. Insurgents cannot do without safe sanctuaries – safe havens to plan and to train. Physical terrain of their own is the first and the foremost prerequisite. Two others – along with physical terrain – that complete the terrorist-insurgent cycle are: money and manpower. In ... Read More »

Holy Idiots And Jihadi Vultures Tarnishing Islam

Smoke is coming out of Nairobi's Westgate Mall on September 21 after al-Shabbab terrorists attacked the mall. (Photo off video stream)

  Whether the myriad Islamic extremist groups are the creation of the world’s most astute intelligence groups or whether they are the products of a warped interpretation of Islam, once again we have been reminded that it is high time that we dealt with them sternly and decisively before they slaughter more innocent people. The Nairobi (Kenya) mall terror this ... Read More »

Why Free Electricity for Bhutan’s Rural Poor?

The rivers of Bhutan provide much of the GDP of the country, generating electricity for sale to India. Bhutan is a net exporter of electricity thanks to hydropower. In a country where remote communities are still heavily reliant on firewood for heating and cooking, rural electrification is a key development goal. What doesn't help is the fact that Bhutan is heavily mountainous and rural access to roads is still a challenge. (Photo by Michael Foley, Creative Commons License)

The government, during its monthly meeting with the local media recently, said it is exploring the possibility of providing 100 units of electricity for free to the rural poor. It is also studying the possibility of providing partial or full subsidy on electrical appliances such as rice cooker, curry cooker and water boilers to the same section of the population.  ... Read More »

Security Fears Hamper Relief Work in Quake-Hit Pakistan

A man in Awaran stands amid the remains of what used to be his home. (Photo by Islamic Relief via IRIN)

QUETTA: Many times before, Abdul Rashid, 30, a general practitioner, has volunteered in emergency situations. “I believe it is my duty to use my medical skills to help. I went to Sindh Province in 2011 to help flood victims; I helped victims of the 2007 cyclone in Balochistan; and I worked in Pakistan-administered Kashmir as a medical student after the 2005 earthquake for months,” Rashid ... Read More »

15 Days in Taliban’s Captivity

Pakistan Army flushed out militants from Swat valley, known for its natural beauty, after a massive operation in 2009. (Photo by Junaid Rao, Creative Commons License)

  Ali Khan, 42, is probably the only taxi (cab) driver in the Serene Swat Valley who has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science. The father of three, Khan had been a truck driver in Saudi Arabia too for a few years. He was one of those few people who did not leave Swat when the Pakistan army launched an ... Read More »

Cruz: Killing Obamacare for One Year is ‘The Essence of A Compromise’

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.58.39 PM

Cruz: Killing Obamacare for one year is ‘the essence of a compromise’ (via Raw Story ) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday asserted that the Republican threat to shutdown the government if President Barack Obama’s health care reform law was not delayed for at least one year was the “essence of a compromise.” During an interview on NBC… Read More »