May 23, 2017


Enforcing Peace in Pakistan’s Largest City

Much of the police in Pakistan's most violent city is politicized and is blamed for crimes. (ViewsWeek photo off video stream)

  Having obtained consensus from all the political parties for a dialogue with those terrorists who are misusing religion as a platform, the Nawaz Sharif government in Pakistan turned its attention to the militant-infested crucially important city of Karachi. Law and order being a provincial subject, the federal government cannot deal directly with the problem without sending the provincial government ... Read More »

A Sugar Rush That Could Fuel The Indian Economy

(Photo by US department of Agriculture)

  The public and media were outraged recently after a suggestion that petrol (gas) stations could be closed from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. to curb consumption. Oil import is the heaviest burden on India’s foreign exchange, at $144 billion last year. The situation could get worse, given the potential for an increase in crude prices with further destabilization in ... Read More »

Obamacare Will Cost Much Less Than Expected

Protest for / against The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare in fron of Supreme Court in Washington DC. (By Tabitha Kaylee Hawk)

  This article was published by the Center for American Progress Action. When uninsured Americans begin enrolling in Obamacare’s new health care exchanges on Oct. 1, the overwhelming majority — 95 percent — will face health care premiums that are 16 percent lower, on average, than the government had previously projected, according to a new report released on Wednesday by the Obama administration. ... Read More »

Uncertain Future of Myanmar’s Democratic Reforms

National League for Democracy (NLD) party supporters have their eyes fixed to a screen, showing results from vote counting in parliamentary by-elections, in Yangon, Myanmar, 01 April 2012. (Photo via East Asia Forum)

  John Blaxland recently acknowledged that return to military rule in Myanmar is becoming an increasingly marginal (but not impossible) prospect. The expected international and domestic retaliatory actions to a return to military rule in Myanmar are a major deterrent, as they could potentially derail Myanmar’s political stability, economic development and threaten important cease-fires. This, combined with an entrenched position in the ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Dismal Education Prospects

School children going to school in Hunza in Pakistan's Northern Areas. (Photo by Hashoo Foundation USA)

  The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child recently published a report noting that Pakistan has the world’s second-largest number of children out of school, while in April 2012 UNICEF indicated that some 20 million Pakistani children, including an estimated 7.3 million of primary school age, are not in school. This phenomenon is one of the by-products ... Read More »

Thousands of Libyans in Militia Prisons

Former inmate on a return visit to his cell at Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison where he was held for several years. (Photo by  Iason Athanasiadis/UNSMIL)

  TRIPOLI:  Thousands of people in Libya remain locked up in militia prisons, outside of state control, more than two years after the revolution, according to a new UN report presented to the Security Council. The report says many are suffering torture and mistreatment and calls the situation “unacceptable”. “We have a big problem. But it is a problem we are trying ... Read More »

Land Disputes Add to Afghanistan’s Security Woes

Semi-nomadic Kuchis say they are getting pushed off their rangeland with land rights still not clearly established in Afghanistan.
(Photo by Bethany Matta/IRIN)

Fifty years ago, Dost Mohammad’s grandfather had 1,000 sheep grazing on the family’s plot of land on the outskirts of Kunduz City, Afghanistan. The family’s livestock numbers have since decreased significantly, but then, so has the size of their land. “We keep getting pushed further and further back,” said Mohammad. “We’re also having problems bringing our sheep to Badakshan. We ... Read More »

India’s Food Disaster Waiting to Happen

Female farmers carry crops on one of the only two roads leading to Kushumhi village in Uttar Pradesh state. India has one of the highest incidence of hunger in the world. (Photo courtesy Gates Foundation)

UPA2 regime’s flagship program on the ‘right to food’ is slated to create more problems than it will solve, once it kicks off across the country. A creaky public distribution system and the weak economy will not be able to sustain the scheme In 2009, the UPA2 Government led by the Indian National Congress promised this country pro-people policies — ... Read More »

Post-2014 Afghanistan

Afghan National Army recruits stand in formation during their graduation ceremony at the Kabul Military Training Center.  (Photo by US Army, Creative Commons License)

Pakistan’s pivot to Central Asia Without doubt, all major stakeholders are now worried about the post 2014 Afghanistan. As the date of US withdrawal approaches quickly, many of the variables connected to the smooth transition are far from resolved. Meanwhile, the attention of western nations is increasingly diverted towards the affairs of Syria and Iran. Some of the interconnected factors ... Read More »

How Much Would A US Government Shutdown Cost?

(Photo by KAZ Vorpal)

  This article was published by the Center for American Progress Action. With congressional conservatives poised to force a government shutdown at the end of the month over the three-year-old Affordable Care Act, economists are trying to tally up what shuttering the government would cost the country. Estimates vary widely, and the totals would depend on how long a shutdown ... Read More »